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Citroen Dispatch Van Review

If you hadn't guessed, this medium van is a favourite for fleet customers, especially postmen, want to know why? Keep reading to find out all about the Citroen Dispatch… Vanarama's Tia Richards reports.

Let's set the scene – here's a bit of history about this van…

Did you know, the Citroen Dispatch platform shares with the Peugeot Boxer and the new Vauxhall Vivaro? But lets give a round of applause for the Dispatch – it was designed first using the PSA groups new platform for its medium vans. Don't worry Dispatch, we know you are the trend setter here.

Want to know more?

This van has been around since 1994 and was formally known as 'Jumpy', ring any bells? Don't worry if you're not familiar with the Dispatch because we've got all you need to know right here.

And before we delve into the details, this current generation Citroen Dispatch comes in a range of lengths – XS, M or XL. And the height? Its stays the same across the whole range.

Permission granted – read all about the Citroen Dispatch (M) now…

Red(y) To Work


Red, red and more red. Yep that's what you see when you look at this Citroen Dispatch. Oh, and we should probably mention that this van does come in a range of other colours.

But, look a little closer and you'll notice a very familiar feature – the bold Citroen badge. Remember where you've seen this before? On the Citroen Relay! This time round, on the Dispatch, it's hard to differentiate the emblem from the headlights. And this isn't a negative, the design looks sleeker set in-between each headlight. The design on the front of this van proves to be daintier when compared to other vans from the same family, like the Citroen Relay.

Tell us more about the headlights – well, okay then, if you insist. Remember that scenario we mentioned in the Ford Transit Connect review about forgetting to put your headlights on? This one's got automatic headlights too, so you won't need to worry about people flashing you (with their headlights) because you've forgotten to turn them on. And, before we move on, lets give Citroen a shout out for their dainty design. Put it this way – this van is, erm, prettier than the Relay.

The grille deserves some credit too. When you look at the front there's a 50/50 split – the first half is the body coloured bonnet and the second half is the black grille. Which by the way, is built using plastic so this model is much lighter on its feet. Oh, and if you take a few steps back and look at the grille, you'll see an uncanny resemblance of a smile. See it?

Let's finish this off with the wheely (pardon the pun) impressive wheels. On this model (Enterprise), you'll get 16-inch steel wheels. The Worker and Driver models both get 17-inch alloy wheels, so take your pick and choose from the 3. But, either way, 16-inch or 17-inch, the steel wheels are VERY hard-wearing.

Need A Hand?


If you do, pick the Citroen Dispatch, it's your perfect match. Want to know why? Read on…

First up is the tech. Now when you take a glance in the cabin you won't spot the tech straight away; you'll have to do a bit of digging. The first feature you'll notice is the 7-inch, full colour, infotainment touchscreen system. You'll also get the usual DAB radio system with built in Bluetooth, but lets give the limelight to these handy features:

  • USB port – pop it open, plug in your phone and BINGO! You've got Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and MirrorLink. Basically, it means that the infotainment screen will mirror your phone.
  • Siri and Google Assistant – at the touch of a button! Reach to the right of the steering wheel, press the button on the end of the indicator stick and there you have it – voice control. Fancy a song change? Need navigation? Forgot to reply to a text? You can do it all, HANDSFREE!
  • Rear Parking Sensors – how does anyone park without them?! This is a handy feature to have in a van when you can't see out of your rear-view mirror.

Pick the models up – Driver, X or Worker and you'll be treated to this tech spec:

  • 180-degree front and rear parking sensors
  • Built in navigation system
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Cruise Control and more!

Want to know more about the tech? Watch our infotainment overview video here:

Right enough about the tech. Dig deeper into the cabin and you'll discover that this van transforms into a mobile office. Pull back the passenger seat and you've got yourself a writing table. Okay, I might have set the bar a bit high when I said mobile office because that's it – a writing table. But next time you need to finish off a bit of paperwork you'll have something to lean on, so it has its uses.

And finally, the storage space. Want our honest opinion? Storage isn't great, but you will find the necessities: a few cubbies, a glove box, door stowage and cupholders.

This van is big on features that will lend you a helping hand, so who cares if it's lacking in storage space in the cabin.

Looks Are Deceiving


Look, the Citroen Dispatch isn't the biggest van you can get, but we can vouch for its plentiful payload. Heard of the Ford Transit? Yep, it's that MASSIVE van, in fact it's one of the largest vans on the market. Anyway, our point is, the Dispatch can hold a heavier load… (cue the suspense)

Our 'Medium' Citroen Dispatch can carry 1,200kg – that's 100kg more that the Ford Transit. Pick the 'XL' model and the payload for the Dispatch will increase to 1400kg, this will place the Transit even further behind by 300kg. The Dispatch is also available in a 'XS' variant.

Here's everything else you need to know about our tried and tested 'Medium' model…

Let's start with the measurements – all models have the same height (1.9m); this doesn't change across the range.

You'll get 4.95m in length if you pick the 'Medium' Citroen Dispatch. If you choose the 'XS' variant, it's 4.6m long and the 'XL' measures to 5.3m.

Want to know what else is up for grabs?

Walk to the front of the loading bay, look to your left and you'll see a moduwork load through hatch. Open it and you'll fit anything that's 4m in length in the loading bay. Simply load up using the loading bay, open the load through hatch and let your items pass through under the passenger seat. Oh, there's also lots of lashing points to help secure objects in the back, and ply lining is FREE when you lease with us!

Watch our range overview video to find out more:

Whatta Smooth Operator

Now for the Vanarama road test.

So, we drove the Dispatch to Daventry. From Vanarama, it's about an hour (depending on traffic). Just as we set off, we had a 150-mile driving range and when we got back, we had 115 miles left. We only used 35 miles… wondering how this was possible?

Behold, the 6-speed, manual, Blue HDi 95bhp diesel engine on this model. This isn't the only engine available; you'll also get the option of these 4 variants: 115bhp, 120bhp, 150bhp and 180bhp. And if you don't fancy changing gears, pick the automatic 180bhp model.

Next up is the way this van handles the road. Despite its boxy body and hefty payload weight, this van is VERY smooth to drive. Even without a load in the back this van remained stern even when we made a few last-minute turns. So, rest assured that this van will happily handle a bulky load.

It's A Match!

So why should you pick the Citroen Dispatch? 3 lengths to pick from, a tech-filled cabin that transforms into a mobile office and you'll get a choice of 5 engines – this van is THE ultimate workhorse. Citroen call the dispatch "the van for everyone" and we couldn't agree more.

Expert Review

3 lengths to pick from, a tech-filled cabin that transforms into a mobile office and you'll get a choice of 5 engines – this van is THE ultimate workhorse. Citroen call the dispatch 'the van for everyone' and we couldn't agree more.

Customer Reviews

Seems to be perfect for us
Steve Skipworth
Over the moon with this vehicle drives very nicely.
Martin Hart

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