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Crew Vans

Crew cab vans offer perfect versatility for businesses who need to move both loads and people. A typical crew van (often also known as a double cab, double cabin van (DCIV) or kombi van) is a van with side windows and an additional row of seats to the rear. In some new crew cab vans, the rear seats are removable meaning that the van loadspace can be fully utilised for goods. These are not just vans with back seats. They're a well thought out solution for a business that needs a van to be all things!

Although these crew cab vans and double cab pick ups all have side windows, due to both the payload and the size of the loadspace area they are still normally classified as commercial vehicles for taxation purposes.

Vanarama offers the best crew van lease deals, whether you need a 5 seater van, a 6 seater van, or maybe a pickup truck, flat bed or tipper with a double cab. Many of these are in stock and are available for free delivery in the UK.