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Crew Vans

You know how it is – you need to get that load of cement to the building site. And the mixer. That's fine, you can throw it in the van. Oh, but wait – you've the small matter of getting six people to the same site. You can get three in the van, but the others are going to have to go in a car, which you actually have a job for later this morning. So – someone is going to have to drive the car straight back. But you need that man there on site. It just gets worse…

This is where the crew van comes to the rescue. Crew cab vans offer perfect versatility for businesses who need to move both loads and people. A typical crew van (often also known as a double cab, double cab in van (DCIV) or kombi van) is a van with side windows and an additional row of seats to the rear. In some new crew cab vans the rear seats are removeable meaning that the van loadspace can be fully utilised for goods. These are not just vans with back seats. They're a well thought out solution for a business that needs a van to be all things!

Typical trades that would find crew cab vans useful? Apart from builders, event managers, outside caterers, professional landscapers, office cleaning companies, blue light organisations, hotels and airport shuttle operators are all great examples where a new crew cab van could be a huge asset to the business. For the owner of a small company, a crew van means that he can use the weekday working van at the weekend to take his family out, or for camping and other leisure uses.

Best crew cab van lease deals

Vanarama offer the best crew van lease deals, whether you need a 5 seater van, a 6 seater van, or maybe a pickup truck, flat bed or tipper with a double cab. Many of these are in stock and are available for immediate delivery in the UK.

New crew cab vans in 2019

Here are some popular double cab crew vans:

  • Peugeot Partner Crew Van: The Peugeot Partner crew van, based on the award winning new van is due out later this year. Full details are still to be announced, but Peugeot have stated that the 5 seater van will still be able to accommodate a load length of up to 3.5 metres. Absolutely ideal for an office cleaning company that needs to move staff and supplies around a tight city environment.
  • Vauxhall Vivaro Crew Van: The Vauxhall Vivaro is one of the most popular crew cab vans. Called the Vivaro Doublecab, its available as a swb crew van or a lwb crew van. Twin side loading doors allow easy access to the three passenger bench seat, whilst still offering up to 4 cubic metres of loadspace in the rear. A true 6 seater crew van.
  • Ford Transit Crew Van: Another best selling crew van is, of course the one based on the Ford Transit Custom. Ford call their crew van the Custom Double Cab in Van. It's also available in two lengths, offering 5 or 6 seat options. The LWB crew van can accommodate a total payload of up to 1339kg and has room in the loadspace for two europallets! Perfect for a builder needing to move heavy loads and people simultaneously.
  • Mercedes Vito Crew Van: For a bit of panache and style, there's the Mercedes-Benz Vito crew van. Seating six people comfortably, it has a loadspace of up to 4.1 cubic metres. That's plenty of room for baggage for a hotel transferring up to five customers to the airport.
  • Pickups with double cabs: Although not strictly a crew van, for those who need a pick up type vehicle, who also need to carry people to site, but want something comfortable and stylish for the weekend then look no further than a double cab pick up such as the Ford Ranger Wildtrak, the Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian or the Nissan Navara. These combine a luxurious but practical five seat cab with a loadspace capable of carrying over 1 tonne (total payload including passengers).

Vauxhall Vivaro Crew Van Mitsubishi L200 double cab pickup

Although these crew cab vans and double cab pick ups all have side windows, due to both the payload and the size of the loadspace area they are still normally classified as commercial vehicles for taxation purposes.

Here at Vanarama we don't just offer the best lease deals – we also work hard to make sure that we offer accurate and impartial advice ensuring that you lease the perfect vehicle for your business needs. We'll then take into account your own personal circumstances (for example, the length of time you have been trading) to match you to one of our panel of funders. The volume of vehicles we source from manufacturers means that we're in a position to negotiate huge discounts which are reflected in our ultra-competitive lease rates.

We offer various methods of leasing and can tailor the package to suit you. Typically, a lease period runs for two to four years, and your deposit (initial payment) again can be adjusted to meet your requirements. VAT, usually payable with the initial and monthly payments is recoverable by VAT registered customers, and payments can usually be offset against profit for taxation purposes.

Vanarama offer complete peace of mind to customers who may not be familiar with the benefits leasing a new crew cab van or pick up. We offer:

A final thought to finish on – 59% of people interviewed in a survey commissioned by Vanarama said that their confidence in a tradesman would be affected by the age of the vehicle. Proof that battered vans lose business!