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As a brand that’s epitomised by the rugged nature and bold, retro looks of its off-road vehicles, Jeep is synonymous with SUV market. The company is an American institution and arguably the oldest manufacturer of mass-produced 4x4s, made famous by their use in the military during the Second World War.

Jeep’s flagship vehicle is the Grand Cherokee, a large SUV that retains the marque’s heritage and reputation as an off-road juggernaut, whilst adding refinement and sophistication that gives it a more luxurious feel, rivalling any vehicle in this market.

A mid-sized SUV is provided by Jeep’s compact Cherokee, again combining uncompromising off-road ability with stylish looks and refined trim levels. Smaller still, the Jeep Renegade refines the brand’s symbolic grill plates and is a stand-out crossover SUV, with the off-road ability that its rivals lack.

But for the ultimate Jeep experience, the Wrangler is the iconic off-roader that sums up the brand’s legacy. Rugged and unrefined, it offers true charisma and the driveability to go anywhere.

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