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12 Ace Apps for Tradespeople

Published on Wednesday 01 April 2015 in The Shoestring Marketing Blog

12 Ace Apps for Tradespeople

12 Ace Apps for Tradespeople

Boost your productivity and keep on top of the game on the go!

Rushing from job to job can leave you buried in a pile of paperwork, but this doesn't have to be the case.  Internet immediacy means that almost everything can be done on the go from the convenience of your smartphone.  From quoting to invoicing, there seems to be an app for everything.  So, read on for our pick of the best game-changing apps for tradespeople and small businesses:


Kashflow – from £5 per month

A user friendly cloud based accounting system which can be accessed from multiple devices, so you're not tied down to one laptop.  On the go accounting, Kashflow can help issue and manage your initial quotes, track your purchases by supplier and offers a quick and easy invoicing function. There are lots more benefits too, you can try it for free with a free 14 –day trial.


Xero – from £9 per month

An alternative cloud based accounting system.  Xero started with the idea that accounting should be easy and well designed and lives up to that.  Offering cashflow management, invoicing, payments, payroll and a handy mobile app for anytime access on the go.  Also offering a 30 day free trial period.


Powered Now – free or premium for £4.99 per month

An app specifically built with tradespeople in mind.  While it offers the ability to invoice on the job (rather than during your precious downtime) it is more than just an invoicing app; you can take notes and photos and calculate pricing during job creation; it helps with customer management – allowing you to view all of your jobs invoices quotes and notes by customer and allows free-form quote invoice and worksheet creation.


MyRoomPainter - free

If your job involves painting you'll know that some people have difficulty imagining what colours might look like in a room.  The MyRoomPainter app lets you offer instant room colour schemes while using a smartphone or mobile tablet to show your client how any palette will look in situ.


iQuickContractMaker – from £1.99

No-one likes having tons of important paperwork floating around their site in danger of being lost or spoiled. The iQuick Contract Maker allows you to quickly and easily create a legal contract on site or during meetings with customers, making the relationship between tradesman and client stress-free.


An all-in-one tool to help improve your productivity.  It comes with a calendar, to-do list and reminders. Combining note-taking, brainstorming and organising in one app.


UnitsPlus - £1.49

For those times when the measurements simply don't add-up, UnitsPlus is a simple Imperial and metric conversion calculator designed to make your life easier.


Jobsheet – free

Selling itself as the simplest app for tradespeople and builders, Jobsheet is currently and iPad only offer.  It helps schedule work, invoice on site, and includes a mapping facility to help you find job locations.  It can also be used off-line and will automatically sync when back in coverage.


Googlemaps – free

For that job you just cannot find!  Zoomable maps focused on an address or postcode.  Also provides driving directions.


1Password – free

We all know that online security is important.  We need strong passwords and should change them regularly.  1Password is designed to help you do just that, keeping your vital information secure and just a tap away.


Gmail - free

A free advertising-supported email service provided by Google.  These days, many of us have more than one email address. You may have one account for business, one for home, or even more. However many email addresses you have, today's improvements to Gmail make it easy to manage all your mail from all your accounts (yes, even @yahoo and @outlook) while you're on the go.


Spotify £9.99 for unlimited music

No more crackling radio!  Listen to what you want when you want to.  Take your music where you work, stream music and connect with your van's stereo for tunes on the go.






We hope this guide to the top apps has inspired you to try some out.  Available on the App store and Google play.