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3 key questions to get your marketing on track shoestring style

Published on Wednesday 29 July 2015 in The Shoestring Marketing Blog

3 key questions to get your marketing on track shoestring style

Stuck with your marketing? Shoestring help is at hand!

Here are 3 key questions to get your marketing on track shoestring style - with top tips to help you of course!

1)    How can we become more effective at marketing so that we gain more new customers and sell more to existing customers?

Do you need to devote more time to marketing? Change your attitude to marketing and regard it as the engine that fuels sales not a frilly afterthought? Would you benefit from looking at the clients who could recommend you to family and friends? Could you thank a customer after a decent sized job with a small thoughtful gesture that will really wow them? Could you get your business in the local papers with news of your charity initiatives, business growth, new team members you've taken on? Could you join a local business networking group or at least give it a try so you can evaluate its effectiveness? Could you post a leaflet with a nice letter, your business card and a pen with your details in an envelope to the neighbours in the area you're working in? This combined with your details on your van could lead to several sales! Don't just wait for the telephone to ring!

2)    Are we guilty of serious underselling our expertise?

You're an expert in your field but are you promoting this fact on your website, in your literature and when face to face with customers? Are your communications in need of updating? If a potential customer can see you are a time served expert they're already half way to wanting your services. Review all your communications now and plug those gaps! And make sure you include the logos/details of your awards, memberships and accreditations.

3)    How can we keep in touch with customers old and new?

If you only communicate with a customer when they contact you, you're opening the door to a more active competitor. A monthly email in which you share tips with customers and keep your services front of mind could be all that's needed! A lapsed customer can easily become a live customer with a little gentle coaxing.

Good luck! And please don't hesitate to contact us on 01442 838 195, if you know it's time for a lovely brand new van, but you don't want to dip into your hard earned cash to fund it.



About our guest blogger and marketing expert Dee Blick

Our guest blog writer is Dee Blick, a Chartered Marketer and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Fellowship is the highest status awarded by CIM, the World's largest marketing body.

With 30 years' marketing experience, Dee has extensive experience in new product development and marketing strategy, with a track record of planning and delivering exceptional campaigns on a shoestring budget.