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5 million motorists admit to drink driving!

Published on Wednesday 20 December 2017 in Van News

5 million motorists admit to drink driving!

24% of motorists surveyed listed drink-drivers as a primary concern on the road...

Drink driving is the cause of many accidents on the roads. It's a recognised problem, so why are people still doing it? Vanarama's Laura Day reports.

According to the RAC, a staggering 5 million drivers have admitted to getting behind the wheel while over the limit at least once in the last year! That's a worryingly-high number…let's take a closer look at the details.


The numbers

According to research carried out by the RAC, 16% of the 1,727 motorists questioned thought they were guilty of drink-driving.

Also, 5% of motorists surveyed were certain they were over the limit after having just ONE drink.

So, while it is legal to have a drink (depending on the drink and the person) and still drive, the fact that 5% of motorists felt they were over the limit after one drink, shows that even the smallest amount of alcohol can affect your judgement, and it IS dangerous to drive under the influence of any alcohol.


Did you know?

  • The study found that men are more likely than women to drive after a drink – that's straight away and the morning after.
  • Londoners have a greater tendency to drive when they're over the limit – 26% of Londoners admitted they were guilty of drink driving, compared to 11% of the population living in rural areas. This is surprising considering that those living in the capital have access to public transport.


A change is gonna come…

59% of British motorists are in favour of a reduction in the legal blood-alcohol limit, from 80mg to 50mg per 100ml, showing that there is extensive general public support for a change.


But, for now…

As we are in the midst of the Christmas party season, it's even more important than ever to make sure you're not over the limit when you leave your work party straight away or the morning after.

RAC road safety spokesman Pete Williams said: "Anyone who has been out celebrating during the festive period should be very mindful of not being over the limit when they go to drive the next day. Anyone who thinks they are likely to have sobered up enough to drive just because they went to bed for a few hours may just be about to ruin someone else's Christmas as well as their own".

And that's the most terrifying thing about drink driving, not only are you putting yourself in danger, but also anyone else on the road as well. This begs the question – is it really worth it?


A word of advice

Pete added: "If you are having to think whether you are sober enough to drive, then the answer is you probably aren't".

Couldn't have put it better myself.


What are your thoughts on drink driving? Let us know in the comments below…