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5 tips to give your trades business a boost on a shoestring budget

Published on Thursday 06 August 2015 in The Shoestring Marketing Blog

5 tips to give your trades business a boost on a shoestring budget

Great customer service isn't rocket science, in fact if you want to drive more referrals into your business it's an absolute necessity. But how can you wow your customers without breaking the bank, and what tips can we share with you to get those referrals rocketing?

We're almost certain most of your competitors aren't doing these things, so start implementing our 5 quick and simple tips today to start moving ahead, or if you're in front, to stay ahead!

1. Leave a cheeky gift at the end of EVERY job!

How many times have you left a job with just a handshake and a thank you? How about next time you finish a job you leave something behind that will wow the socks off your customer? We're not talking Rolex watches but an appropriate valued gift based on the work done. An example would be a nice bouquet of flowers for the lady of the house, or how about a simple bottle of wine for a couple?

So as well as doing a great job, you're going to leave the customer speechless with your gift. They will no doubt take a picture, post it on Facebook or tweet it – we don't need to tell you the power of social media for referrals. People buy from recommendations. Simple, yet effective marketing on a shoestring!

2. Survey your customers and LISTEN to feedback

Every business will drop the ball from time to time, it's a fact of life. How many times have you reached out to your customers with a survey? Setting up a customer service survey is one of the cheapest but most effective ways of growing your business. Customers love to feel they have a voice and are being listened to. You may find you'll reconnect with those that haven't been as happy as you'd have liked. And at the very least you'll have a whole host of feedback you can use to improve your service in the future. Head over to SurveyMonkey for a free account and setup your first survey today!

3. Give something away for FREE

Customers love a freebie, and it needn't cost you the earth. The most valuable thing you have in your business is YOU and YOUR expert knowledge. So it makes sense to give some of it away for free. Free inspections, free surveys, free checks are all classic marketing tactics to draw in new customers.

4. Always keep a supply of 'we're working at number xx cards'

If you have time to kill on a job or waiting for supplies to be delivered why not pop up and down the street with some cards to pop through people's doors? These are especially effective if you're doing external work that can be seen from the street. A simple card with the message of 'We're working at number ___ to improve their _________. If you'd like a free no obligation quote then call me on xxxxx'

Really cheap and effective, yet so simple and quick to produce for your business. A set of 500 cards will last a couple of months and cost less than £30.

5. Join your local community groups on Facebook

These are a real hive of local activity with people posting daily for jobs they want done around the house. What they're looking for are recommendations from friends and family of tradespeople and service providers. This is literally the cheapest way you can find new customers! If you're not on Facebook (and it's fine, not everyone wants to be!) you can still ask a close relative to keep an eye out and inform you of any requests for services.

We did say they were quick and cheap tips. Marketing doesn't have to cost the earth, you just have to be consistent, innovative and always have the customer at the heart of everything you do.

Good luck and please share with us any marketing tips you have at [email protected] – the best ones will get a free Vanarama travel mug.