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7 Tips for a successful awards entry

Published on Tuesday 13 June 2017 in Van Heroes

7 Tips for a successful awards entry

Entering the Vanarama Van Hero Awards is very straightforward but, to ensure you are in with the best possible chance of winning, we've compiled a list of top tips to set you on your way.


1. Tell us a story - We want to hear what makes you and your business unique. Telling your story of how you've helped a customer or your community will get this across effectively.

2. Backup evidence is crucial - Use the upload feature on the award entry form to backup what you're saying with evidence. Choose the most evocative stats, videos or pictures to support your case. Maybe a picture of the great work you've done or a testimonial letter you've got from a customer.

3. Be original - Ask any business owner and they'll tell you they run a great business. Superlatives like 'because we're the best' are unlikely to get much sway with the judges. But telling a story unique to your business will certainly get their attention!

4. Keep it simple, yet specific - Don't waffle, but equally don't be too concise with your answers. Give as much detail as you feel is necessary to get your point across and no more.

5. Plan before you write and hit send - Write out a draft in Word and get someone else to check it for typo's and grammatical errors. We're not looking for Shakespeare but equally your entry is reflective on you and your business so take time to re-read and make sure it makes sense.

6. Phone a friend! - Get someone you trust to read your entry and provide feedback. If it makes sense to them it should make sense to the judges.

7. Write in plain English - We're not looking for War and Peace, so answer the question as fully as you can but keep things simple. Focus on what will make the judges sit up and take notice.


Good luck with your entry. Entering awards should be fun and you never know, we could be crowning YOU the winner!

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