Best Tradeswoman Award

Are you a woman working in a trade? Enter the Vanarama Best Tradeswoman Award 2015 and boost your business potential.

The number of women working in trades is growing.  Women already represent nearly *6% of tradespeople in the UK.  If you are one of those hard-working tradeswoman, or know someone who fits that bill, now's your chance to help turn them into an 'award winning' tradeswoman!  At Vanarama we're always looking for opportunities to recognise the hard work and dedication shown by Britain's trades and small businesses.

That's why we've chosen to sponsor the Best Tradeswoman category in this year's Best Business Woman Awards 2015 and can't wait to see your entries flooding in!

Who can enter the Best Tradeswoman Award?

Female Decorator1-full The award is open to any women working in the trades, from plumbers to gardeners, electricians to builders, anywhere in the UK.  All we ask of you is to tell us why you and your customers think you are the best. We understand that you may have a few concerns…

Entering an award takes precious time, which I need to use looking for new business…

…we hear you say.  Yet imagine how much easier getting new customers would be once you have the Best Tradeswoman title.  Winning a business award helps to establish trust and credibility.  It can play a huge part in a potential customer's decision to choose you over one of your competitors.  Soon they'll be knocking at your door instead.

I don't have all the information at my fingertips...

Awards like this aren't given away free with fuel! You have to put a little work into your entry.  But the process will make you review your systems, services and processes in all aspects of your business.

Who knows your business best?

You do of course! So look at the awards entry as a real opportunity to assess your business from all angles.  It might even provide you with ideas on how you can become even better!

Get ready to face the cameras!

Winning the Tradeswoman of the Year Award will open the floodgates of media exposure giving you a chance to reach a much wider audience with a voice of respected authority. Whether that's through local papers and radio, social media or on-line, the possibilities are endless.

Speaking from experience

We understand that running a business can be a 24 hour job.  But after taking time to enter several awards ourselves we're reaping the benefits of the local and national business awards, now proudly displayed in our reception.

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"Being award winners ourselves, we understand the real benefits that come with being singled out as the best in your industry", says Vanarama's Managing Director Andy Alderson, "Being selected over your competitors gives you a real edge when competing for customers.  We want the nation's tradeswomen to benefit too, which is why it's so important to us to sponsor the Tradeswoman of the Year award and encourage you to enter."

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If you want to enter the Best Tradeswoman Award 2015, or know someone who might please visit for more information. Or download your entry form here and get your entry in by 22nd September 2015.


*Women represent 5.7% of trade workers according to a survey carried out by Ironmongery Direct in 2014

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