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It's a clean sweep for Louise Mackenzie of Bizzy Laundry

Published on Wednesday 25 May 2016 in Company News

It's a clean sweep for Louise Mackenzie of Bizzy Laundry

Hectic lifestyles and demanding schedules mean more and more people are outsourcing their dirty washing, but this is music to the ears of Louise Mackenzie and her Bizzy Laundry business!  We spoke to Louise to find out what she's got planned for the future and how she feels about being a Vanarama TV advert star.

Why did you choose to start your own business?

I'm quite an independent spirit, so creating my own business was a natural step.  Choosing to work for myself has allowed me to make my own decisions, create opportunities and build a business around my own aspirations.

Do you have any tips for people who want to start out by themselves?

Have a plan!  You need to decide exactly what you want from your business.  Be prepared for some hard work, but remember, you are in it for the long-term, so it's also important to run a business that can allow you some time off.

Any exciting developments planned for the business?

We've been operating for three years in our current location and have already seen fantastic growth of 30 – 40% year on year through offering additional services, such as laundry and ironing. So, now it's time to add some new services to our business.  This will include carpet and upholstery cleaning for both the commercial and domestic markets.  It's our aim to become a one-stop-shop for our customer cleaning requirements.

How do you feel about starring in the Vanarama TV advert?

I felt nervous, honoured and excited that Vanarama had asked me to appear in their latest ad.  It's been a fantastic experience and my thanks go out to the Vanarama team!

Click below to see Louise's star performance in our latest TV advert: