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Citroen Relay Stop-and-Start

Published on Monday 13 May 2013 in Van News

Drivers hoping to draw out the miles between fuel stops can do just that, now Citroen has added the Relay van to its range of LCVs equipped with an emissions and fuel-saving stop-and-start function.

Back in March Citroen announced that the Relay stop-and-start would be arriving. Now van buyers can add the Relay 30 L1H1 and 35 L3H2 to their current search. Both the 30 and 35 offer direct injection technology using the e-HDi 130 diesel engine, matched to a six-speed manual gear box.

The fuel economy on both models is truly impressive, especially for the Relay 30 L1H1. This vehicle boasts 39.2mpg combined cycle fuel economy and clocks up official urban cycle figures of a remarkable 32.5mpg, nearly 10% better than its non-Stop-and-Start equivalent.

Meanwhile, the Stop-and-Start Relay 35 achieves urban figures of 27.7mpg and cuts C02 emissions by 5g/km.

It looks like the van manufacturers are entering a new age of environmental technology and Citroen is certainly no exception. City drivers in particular will make significant fuel savings if they invest in the Stop-and Start option. With such huge financial, operational and environmental benefits, we at Vanarama are looking forward to telling our customers all about it!