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DRIVERS BEWARE: Worst day on UK roads will be 22nd December 2017

Published on Monday 18 December 2017 in Van News

DRIVERS BEWARE: Worst day on UK roads will be 22nd December 2017

What day will the roads be jammed this Xmas?

Every year there's one day when the roads are jammed with people either "Driving home for Christmas" or heading somewhere else for festive celebrations…this year, that day is going to be 'Frantic Friday' the 22nd December 2017. Vanarama's Tom Roberts reports.

From now until the Christmas Day, an expected 11.5m separate trips will be made with the goal of getting somewhere for the festive season.

RAC Traffic Watch predicts that traffic will peak at 1.87m separate journeys on Christmas Eve alone, but the newly-dubbed 'Frantic Friday' will likely be the most congested of the days with 1.25m pure-leisure trips being made – that doesn't count commuters, shoppers and short-range family trips.


What about between Christmas and New Year?

Oh, my word…it only gets more congested. In the six-day gap between Christmas and New Year the roads will be clogged with over 17.5m leisure trips taking place nationwide as people head from family to friends.


Top tips to avoid the rush

1. Avoid leaving the planning of your long-range journeys too late…get an idea of where you want to go – and how you want to get there – sooner rather than later.

2. Highways England has said that 99% of England's strategic roads – motorways and A roads – will be roadwork-free so there shouldn't be delays of those kinds stopping your progress.

3. Avoid travelling at peak times…common sense, this one. Leave a little earlier in the morning, or a little later at night for easier journeys.

So, are you travelling this festive season? What route have you planned? Are you full of festive cheer? Tell us about it in the comments below, or on the post you came here by.