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8 Practical Tips For Choosing Your Van

Published on Wednesday 28 August 2019 in Van News

8 Practical Tips For Choosing Your Van

Choosing Your Van - Here's Our 8 Practical Tips

Need a hand choosing your van? keep reading to find out more...Picking your brand-new van is not a decision you should take lightly. It pays to arm yourself with the facts before deciding on the van of your dreams. These tips will help you make the right choice.


1. Tools Of Your Trade

Make a list of all the tools and equipment you carry including for those bigger jobs where you have to transport more kit. This will help you determine the dimensions and load bearing capacity you need in your new van.

If you use the sides of your van and/or the roof for carrying equipment you should take this into consideration too.


2. What's Your Typical Load?

If you're transporting supplies from your local merchant to site, you need to consider the size, weight and volume of your typical load to decide on the ideal payload for your van. For example, a bag of cement can weigh 25kg or 50kg. An overloaded van could land you a fine and more!

Alternatively you might be transporting goods that require careful handling or a certain temperature.


3. People Pickup?

How many passengers do you currently transport? Do you cover a fair distance? For long distance drivers and passengers, comfort is as important as available seat space. You might want to consider a few luxuries such as Bluetooth, electric windows and air conditioning.


4. Will You Need Accessories Too?

A roof rack for ladders, brackets fixed to the side of your vehicle and so on. Your current van might not have these but they may be important for future projects. Bear these in mind when ordering your new van as it's almost certainly something we can help with.


5. Future-Proof Your Needs

Gaze into the future. If your business is growing and/or your needs are changing you might not want to simply replace your current van with a brand new replica. You may want to get something bigger for as your business grows, so might your transport needs!


6. Short Or Long Trips?

Short trips around urban areas put different demands on a van than long motorway trips. You should consider this when choosing the types of van you might need. This will also be a consideration when deciding how many miles you'll cover over the length of your lease.


7. Any Colour As Long As It's White!

Although still a popular colour, nowadays not every business owner wants a white van. Do you want your van to be in one of the colours associated with your business? It's important that you consider the look, style and brand of your van and that it fits in with your business.


8. Cost Of Running

This is a big one! Fuel consumption and insurance costs can vary dramatically from van to van even though on the face of it they can look pretty similar. Make sure you calculate your running costs and what you can afford before deciding on your brand-new van.