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ESP as standard for Fiat Ducato

Published on Wednesday 19 June 2013 in Van News

Continuing the trend to make vans even safer, Fiat has now introduced ESP (electronic stability programme) across all models in its range of Ducato vans.

ESP helps prevent vans from tipping over when cornering by using information supplied by various sensors. The ESP computer will automatically reduce engine power or brake the appropriate wheel if it believes the vehicle is in danger of skidding.

ESP offers other technologies too, like Load Adaptive Control, which assesses load size and centre of gravity, to enable the systems to work effectively. Hill Holder is designed to make starting on slopes easier, by holding the brake on momentarily after the driver has released the brake pedal. Anti-Slip Regulation, counteracts skidding and Hydraulic Brake Assist supports emergency braking.

Fiat says that all new Ducato vans will have ESP by November 2014.