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Ford Transit Custom Review: Everything You Need To Know

Published on Wednesday 25 September 2019 in Van News

Ford Transit Custom Review: Everything You Need To Know

It's the UK's bestselling van!

Wondering why the Ford Transit Custom is THE nation's favourite van? Grab your glasses (if you need them) and give this a read. Vanarama's Tia Richards tells you what you need to know below...

Before we introduce you to the VERY popular Ford Transit Custom, lets get you up to speed with a bit of history about this medium van

The Ford Transit Custom might look familiar, its good looks come from its big brother – the Ford Transit. You've also probably noticed that the smaller Transit's look similar too, the Ford Transit Connect, Ford Transit Courier and Ford Fiesta van have the iconic look too. In fact, if you line the whole range of Transit's up, you'll see that their features just get bigger depending on the size of the van.

Wondering how long this van has been a popular pick for the tradesman? It landed back in 2012 and it's been a firm favourite ever since. Not only is it THE bestselling van, it holds third place on the top 10 list for the top selling vehicles in the UK (including cars)!

If you're looking for a medium sized van, why not pick the Ford Transit Custom Limited? After all it is the nation's favourite van – okay we'll stop saying this now, I think you get the point.

BUT, if you do want to find out more about the Ford Transit Custom L1H1, watch our video review below and then keep reading...


Fall In Love With The Front

First impressions? It's instantly recognisable – it's still the Ford Transit Custom that you know and love, but depending on which trim level you opt for you might notice some refined changes.

The first revamp you'll notice on this model (Limited trim) is a chrome skirting around the grille. Instead of the bog-standard design, Ford have made the grille into a visually pleasing centerpiece and we like it.

What about the engine? Yes, we know it's not something you can see when you first look at this Ford, but pop up the bonnet and there it is – the VERY powerful Euro6, 2.0-litre, EcoBlue Diesel engine. Anyway, enough about the engine we'll tell you more about that later…

Back to the front and what you can see… say hello to the headlights! And you won't just get 1 set, you'll get secondary headlights too.

Before we work our way around the rest of the exterior, let's talk about the MASSIVE windscreen. You can't miss it, it's huge! And it doesn't just look impressive, it's functional too. How annoying is it when your windscreen is frosted up? Press the Quickclear windscreen button located below the infotainment screen and just above the hazard light button and problem solved – the frost will be gone. And if you're fogged up this button does the trick too. Maybe we should explain how the Quickclear technology works – ultra-thin filaments heat the windscreen defrosting and defogging your windscreen in a matter of seconds.

Now let's move onto the sides of this Ford Transit Custom…

Pick the limited model and you'll get body coloured wing mirrors, side mouldings and door handles. Oh and 16-inch alloy wheels are part of this package.

Now let's dig a bit deeper…


The VERY Comfortable Cabin

Now this is what I'm talking about. If you're looking for a van that's comfy and functional, pick the Ford Transit Custom.

What better way to prove that this van is the king of comfort other than taking a seat in the front. You'll be very impressed by the 8-way adjustable drivers' seat – perfect for long haul journeys. Your passengers will get a taste of how roomy this cabin is too. The double passenger seats have plenty of legroom. Oh, and want to hear the best bit? All the seats are heated! But just so you're aware, you'll only get this feature if you choose the Limited trim.

Before we move onto the star of the show, if you're after a cabin with light you're looking in the right place. You'll find the main cabin light (with built in reading lights) just above the middle passenger seat, look under the sun visors and there's light here too.

And now for the main act – give a round of applause for the 8-inch, touchscreen infotainment system which includes DAB/FM/AM radio with SYNC 3, satellite navigation and a built-in voice control system.

You'll also get all these features thrown in for free if you treat yourself to the Limited trim:

  • USB connectivity
  • Remote Audio Controls
  • 4 Front Speakers
  • Dual front passenger seat which transforms into fold-out table
  • Leather-trimmed gear stick


The Ultimate Workhorse

Even though this model isn't the longest or the tallest from the Ford Transit Custom range it still packs a punch when it comes to payload capacity. It can carry a weighty 850kg!

Here's what else you can expect from the L1H1 loading bay…

It holds a load space length of 2.5m, a width of 1.7m (1.3m between wheel arches) and measures to a height of 1.4m.

AND, if you look to the side, you'll see a sliding door – even more load through room!

Want to know what else is impressive? This van is available as a panel van or double-cab-in-van. If you opt for the panel van, you'll have the choice of these variants: L1H1 (our model), L2H1, L1H2, L2H2. But if you fancy the double cab version, you'll have these to pick from; L1H1 or L2H1.


It's Got Plenty Of Power

Now it's time for the Vanarama road test.

It's no wonder this van is a bestseller, it looks great and it's a pleasure to drive, want to know why?

The powerful Euro6, 2.0-litre, EcoBlue engine had no problem making its way up steep hills and when we did need to shift down a gear it was seamless – there was not a suspension wobble in site. And slipping back into a higher gear was just as easy using its manual 6-speed gearbox.

So yeah, there's nothing we can fault about this van and here us out, were not being bias, but this is the best van we've driven yet.  If you don't believe us, try one out for yourself.


What We Think Of This Ford

Look, if you're looking for a medium van and you're not sure where to start, the Ford Transit Custom is your best bet. It's lovely to look at, extremely smooth to drive, oh and it's the UK's best-selling van, need we say more?