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Ford Transit Custom to rival German competitors

Published on Monday 22 April 2013 in Van News

Baby brother of the Ford Transit, the Transit Custom, has been lapping-up some great reviews from the motor press recently and in our opinion - rightly so.

Available now, the Transit Custom is the smaller of the new Transit range, which Ford has separated into the Custom's 2.7 - 3.3 tonne gross vehicle weight, while the new Transit - due for launch later this year - will be fighting at the higher weights.

Those who like their van to drive like a van might be a tad disappointed though. As well as getting rid of its predecessor's boxy lines to reveal a more curvaceous and refined appearance, the Transit Custom now drives like an MPV too. In fact, according to Fleet News, "Firing up the engine reveals another surprise - unlike the old Transit, you could hardly hear a thing and underway you could well be driving one of Ford's MPVs. It really is that good." Praise indeed.

So, the Transit Custom can walk the walk - but can it talk the talk? Apparently so. Reviewers are heaping praise on the practicality of the Custom and commenting on its tardis like load space. In fact some are questioning how 6 cu m of load space can fit into such a sleek looking vehicle. With Electronic Stability Control as standard, safety is definitely not being neglected either.

With such a great new offer, it looks like Ford has upped its game enough to take on its German rivals and initial interest from our van leasing customers suggests they might have something to worry about.