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Funny Friday - Top 10 Dirty Van Art Photos

Published on Friday 24 October 2014 in Community News

Funny Friday - Top 10 Dirty Van Art Photos

Here at Vanarama we like to bring the feel-good factor, especially on a Friday. So we have found some 'creative' ways people have turned their vans into works of art that even Van Gogh would have beenproudof (well some of them anyway!). So have a look through our selection and tweet us @vanarama if you can do any better!

Check out the Top 10 Dirty Van Art Photos.

1. The artwork on this van is amazing. Have you ever seen anything like this driving along the motorway?

2. This image on the back of the van brings a new meaning to auto-pilot.

3. The Great Escape!

4. Need we say more...

5. Man's Best Friend. Do you take your dog in the van to work?

6. Embrace the dark side with this brilliant Bane artwork on the back of this truck.

7. Better than most "clean me" signs!

8. The Mud Factor.

9. This is impressive! Imagine following this for miles.


10. A brilliant piece of artwork on the back of this dirty van. It would be a shame to clean it off.