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How NOT to be late to work

Published on Monday 05 March 2018 in Van News

How NOT to be late to work

You'll NEVER be late to work again!

We can all be guilty of it – "sorry boss, it won't happen again" – sound familiar to anyone? Well, I'm here to share our 'how NOT to be late to work' best practise with you, and trust me – there's some real golden nuggets in there. Vanarama's Laura Day reports.

Let's start by stating the obvious: sometimes being late can't be avoided, granted. For example, during snowy weather conditions, or when bad traffic hits – these things ARE out of your hands.

But, 9 times out of 10, there's something you could have done to prevent turning up to work late. No one likes being late, or even other people that are late – it's stressful and unproductive for all parties involved.

And, being late all the time is not an inherent trait that you were born with. In other words, there are things you can do to make sure you're on time. So, without further ado…


1. Break the bad habit

Lateness is NOT in your blood – it's in your head! Think of it as a bad routine you've put yourself in, and you just need to get yourself out of it.

We create routines for pretty much everything, from the way we sign our name on important documents, to the route we take to work every single day. It's just a matter of reversing the cycle, and changing the current routine.


2. Figure out how long things REALLY take

Recognising that you're always late is the first step. Doing something about it is the next, so you're already on your way to becoming a super prompt person.

Work out EXACTLY how long things take you in the morning. That's everything from time spent physically waking up in bed and showering, to eating breakfast and picking your finest getup for the day!

Once you work out exactly how long these things take, it's much easier to plan ahead.


3. Write down why you were late

This sounds like a daft idea, but in reality, this could uncover whether there is a recurring pattern to your lateness. So, analysing the cause could be the key to NEVER being late again!

For example, let's imagine that after a week you've written down that 5 out of 5 days, the reason you're late is because you spend WAY too long picking your outfit. Uncovering this means that the following week, you'll know to allow more time in the morning for this, or EVEN better, do all of this the morning before – which leads me on my next point of advice.


4. Do morning prep the night BEFORE

This one's so simple and so easy. It takes just ten minutes to gather all your work bits, to get yourself fully ready for the following day.

The problem is that little things add up. Some tasks that you leave until the morning to do – like packing your bag or finding your keys (because let's face it you've never got a clue where they are hiding every single morning), could be the difference between being late and being on time.


5. Set all your clocks a few minutes LATER than the actual time

This is such a simple trick, but it works like a charm. By setting your clocks a tad later, this means that when you arrive late to work at 9.02am, you're actually BANG on time because you set your clock 2 minutes later!

By changing the time by just a few minutes, you completely forget that it's even been altered in the first place, meaning that you're on target to be ON time, all the time. Bingo – job done.


6. Add 5 minutes to the time you think you need to get to work

It's another easy one to do, it's just about getting in the habit of doing it.

Giving yourself an extra 5 minutes to get to work could be the difference between arriving at work on time with enough time to prepare for the day ahead, or arriving at work in a fluster and in a mad panic, with absolutely no clue what's going on!


Tick tock, tick tock

Remember, it's not JUST about the clock!

Well, it is a bit…but it's more about wanting to BREAK the habit and being willing to put the effort in to see this change. Being late to work can often mean you start the morning in a negative, and unorganised way. Not only can if affect your own mindset for the day, but it will have consequences on others around you too – they may even start to question your competency as a team player, and you don't want or deserve that.

So, be passionate about changing your ways. Everyone has it in them to be on time to work, it's just about putting that effort in right from the get-go. Good luck!


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