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How to effectively market your trades business

Published on Wednesday 29 July 2015 in The Shoestring Marketing Blog

How to effectively market your trades business

How to effectively market your trades business

You've probably trained for years to be the best in your trade, so you can't expect to be a marketing whizz too!

Perhaps you're just establishing your business, maybe you've moved location or branched out in a different direction?    
Whatever your situation, you can't just rely on the work coming to you.  Make sure you are doing all you can to get your business known 'out there' with our marketing checklist:

1)    Get a mobile friendly website…
…If you haven't already.  This really is the shop window on your services.  With the majority of people searching on portable devices like tablets and phones, it really needs to be mobile friendly. So what does it need to show?
Keep it simple.
Make sure it explains about you and your services and contact details, a page of customer testimonials as well as examples of your previous work.  Before and after shots make a big visual impact.  Include your social media links so visitors can follow you on them.

2)    What about social media platforms?
Over 30 million people use Facebook in the UK.  Around a quarter of UK internet users are on Twitter.  Meanwhile LinkedIn continues to grow with 15 million UK users. So, unless you want to limit your audience, start to engage on social media platforms.  
Remember.  It's better to concentrate on one channel properly, then try and do a bit of everything.  Take a look at our advice article on how to get to grips with Twitter here.

3)    Get some business cards printed
An oldie but a goodie.  Cheap to design and print.  Hand them out liberally to satisfied customers – one for them, one for their friend.  Keep them with you at all times to hand out at social functions or business meetings.

4)    Use your mobile billboard
For most tradespeople, their van is their mobile office and workshop.  Don't miss the opportunity for it to act as your mobile advert too.
Ensure you have your contact details and website on your van at the very least.  Click here for top tips on signwriting your van.

5)    Register on Google local
This means your business will be more likely to show up on the Google local search for a term like 'electrician in Winchester'.  Just visit www.google.com/local/add.  
It's free, so what's not to like?!

6)    Make the most of positive feedback
If you do your job right, you should get some great feedback.  Why not get in touch with your happy customer and ask them politely to spread their feedback through their own social networks?
Remember to add the feedback to your own website too, preferably with some before and after pictures of the job.  This way visitors to your site can really see for themselves what amazing work you do.

7)    Be consistent with your brand
Try to ensure the tone of voice you use on your social media platforms and content of your website are similar.  Carry the key elements of your brand, like your logo across all communications online and offline from customer enquiry to invoice.

8)    Get back to people quickly
Most tradespeople are really slow at getting back to customers with prices.  Tell the customer when you will get their quote to them and stick to that date.


9)    Do a great job
If you are lucky enough to get the work, do a great job.  You'll be pleasantly surprised how much work you'll get through recommendation.