LAUNCHED: The Best Business Women Awards

Are you a successful business woman? Today marks the launch of the Best Business Women Awards. Vanarama's Laura Day was front and centre at the event, getting all the inside information and details from previous winners, to find out EXACTLY what makes a compelling entry. Let's find out…

The Best Business Women Awards is about recognising great women in the business community. In terms of fitting the criteria; any business woman based in the UK who runs her own company is eligible to enter. That's anyone from a sole trader, up to a medium-sized business.

There are 18 categories, click here to see the full details for each, and to find out which one you can qualify for.

The launch

The morning was kicked off by Debbie Gilbert giving an 'awards entry masterclass'. She began by sharing two very useful tips to consider before entering:

  • Is it the right time for your business?
  • Review your business from every angle. Have you got enough evidence to back up your entry?

Debbie then moved on to discuss EXACTLY what is required in order to qualify for the Best Business Women Awards. The 4 main pillars are:

  • Raw passion.
  • Focus and clear direction.
  • Proof that you're making profit.
  • Customer testimonials.

And that's it…well, not exactly. You've got to be able to provide EVIDENCE for all of these within your entry. But, as long as you can make your case…you're good to go!

Debbie's final pearls of wisdom were to make sure that any entry has got the WOW factor – "facts, figures and NO fluff", as Debbie likes to say! What sets you aside from other successful business women? What is it that makes you different?

If you want a chance to win, you've got to be prepared to tell your story…and I mean REALLY tell it. Share your struggles and things that you've overcome, because this is what makes you a success, and this is what the judges are looking for.

Straight from the horse's mouth

Following a few short introductions from various sponsors, including Vanarama, we got to hear from some of the previous winners.

CEO and Founder of Puddle Ducks, Rav, won Best Franchisor last year. She identified that even the submission process was rewarding, because it gave her a chance to really reflect upon how far she had come with her business.

Rav commented: "Forget self-help books, pick up the awards entry and that will show you how fabulous you are, because it's proof that you ARE successful."

She went on to say that "you truly have nothing to lose, and everything to gain".

And, if that's not enough to convince you that entering the awards is SO worth doing, Ashleigh O'Connell, last year's winner of the Most Inspiring Woman award might convince you.

Winning the award meant that Ashleigh could trade internationally – her business really took off, and that was all down to the publicity that she gained from becoming a winner. Ashleigh very heart-warmingly pointed out that "business is not easy, it's never easy. All you can do is give your heart and soul".

Sounds simple enough to me! Ashleigh ended her speech by sharing that "the doors that have opened from entering the Best Business Women Awards are immense and I would urge anyone to apply".

Do YOU want to enter the awards?

Now that the launch has well and truly landed, you're probably going to want to know how to enter the awards…well, I'm glad you asked!

These national awards are NOW open for online entry, visit their website here.

Best of luck to all you wonderful business women out there, and we look forward to hearing the compelling stories and journeys of the finalists.

Alternatively, if you're interested in leasing a vehicle, call us on 01442 838195. We are always happy to help.

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