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Mercedes Sprinter van becomes target for scrap metal thieves

Published on Tuesday 05 March 2013 in Van News

Criminals intent on making a quick buck are causing thousands of pounds worth of damage, particularly to Mercedes Sprinter vans*, by targeting catalytic converters.

The catalytic converters contain precious metal, which thieves try to sell as scrap in the UK, or even ship abroad.

Although the Mercedes Sprinter seems to have been a prime target recently, it is by no means the only van which is subject to this kind of crime.

After securing a great deal on your new van, criminal damage like this is the last thing you want to ruin your vehicle, or potentially your earnings that day too.

There's a lot you can do though to deter thieves from seeking scrap metal from your van:

- Fit a catalytic converter clamp.

- Fit a security cage over the converter.

- Arrange for the metal shell of your converter to be security marked, this way, if it is stolen, it will be easier to trace back to your vehicle.

*According to Kent Police