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New Vanarama Cars TV Adverts Launched

Vanarama Cars is making its debut on the small screen with three new television adverts. They feature customers who explain how leasing a new car has enabled them to free up their money and use it to put towards holidays and even a mortgage for a house.

Leasing a new car through Vanarama Cars is made affordable due to a range of low cost leasing options. This is explained by members of staff who also feature in the adverts alongside customers.

James Street couldn't believe he could afford his dream car - a Ford Fiesta Hatchback 1.0 EcoBoost. "It's nice to know I won't have to worry about selling it second hand in the future. My old one kept letting me down."

You watch James in our advert below:

Much to the delight of their children, the Dollery family were able to afford a holiday with the money they saved from leasing a new Nissan Qashqai. It certainly was a good choice by them as the Qashqai was rated as the best family car for a holiday by Vanarama Cars.

Take a look at the Dollery family and see their new Nissan Qashqai below:

In the third new advert from Vanarama Cars, customer Roger Steele expressed his delight at the flexibility of being able to change his car every three years after leasing with Vanarama Cars.

Customer and Sports Editor Alan Dawson was able to get a brand new car, whilst saving for a new house at the same time. This is also possible with low deposits and affordable monthly payments which are offered by Vanarama Cars.

Check out Roger and Alan in the advert below:

Changing your car really can lead to improving your life.