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Hail the Nissan NV200 - New black cab set to take to London’s streets by 2014

Published on Monday 04 March 2013 in Van News

Don't be surprised to see a Nissan NV200 if you hail a taxi in the capital next year. While the traditional black cab may have its sentimental supporters, many of the older cabs are fuel inefficient. The improved cab is already being hailed as the 'taxi of tomorrow' in New York, where it has been successfully launched.

The new black cab is based on the Nissan NV200 compact van that Nissan launched in 2009. Modifications have been more complex than sticking a yellow taxi sign on top and giving it a black paint job. The NV200 cab had to be altered to adhere to Transport for London (TfL), London taxi conditions of Fitness.

Amongst these changes were the alterations to the turning circle, which traditionally had to meet the requirement of getting around the tiny roundabout at the front of the Savoy hotel in one go! To do this, Nissan added 200mm to the front track and increased the wheel articulation.

Rest-assured, the Nissan NV200 cab can really 'turn on a sixpence', making it ideal for every cabbie's favourite U-turn!