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Our latest Vanarama Van Hero Katy Doolittle talks to the animals and speaks good business sense too

Published on Monday 18 January 2016 in Van Heroes

Our latest Vanarama Van Hero Katy Doolittle talks to the animals and speaks good business sense too

After years in an office based job working as the Head of IT and Marketing, Katy decided that it was time to take charge of her own destiny by setting up pet services company katydoolittles.  Since establishing the business in the beautiful surroundings of Marksbury, Bath, Katy has been like a dog with a bone, working tirelessly to create a doggie daycare walking and boarding company her clients (and their owners) want to return to again and again!

We all know that setting up your own business can be challenging.  So we asked Katy about her entrepreneurial experience so far:

What do you enjoy about working for yourself?

Obviously I love animals, so looking after pets in the local area means I get to meet and greet a huge variety of different characters – both human and animal - each day.  Living in such beautiful countryside allows me to enjoy a different part of the great outdoors every day of the week on my dog walks.  Finally, knowing I'm providing a service which allows others to work, go out for the day or on holiday, safe in the knowledge that their family pet is well cared for gives me a great sense of satisfaction.

And the drawbacks?

The buck stops with me so it can be pretty stressful at times.  Decision making can be tricky as there are fewer people to bounce ideas off.

What have been your greatest business successes to date?

As well as leasing a super safe and reliable van which is the workhorse of my business?!!  Well, I would say looking after the dogs of a famous client and getting an article published in a national magazine – the value of good PR can never be underestimated.

What tips would you give to others running their own business?

Just be yourself! The personal touch means everything to clients.

Mistakes, we've all made them.  What would you do differently in business?

Know what you can handle and don't take on too much.

As one of our Van Heroes we would love to give you your own superpower.  What would you choose?

To walk at the speed of light.  I would get more business that way, although I'm not sure that the dogs would enjoy their walk as much, so it will have to remain a dream!


Favourite drink: Wine

Favourite sports team: Liverpool FC

Favourite holiday destination: Never had a holiday!

Dream car: Porsche

Prime Minister for a day? I would get all the people on

benefits to take in at least one refugee to look after

What would you do of you won the lottery? Buy more land and expand my business!

Katy's lucky canine clients get chauffeured from door to walk and back again in a specially sign-written Ford Transit Connect.  If you are interested in upgrading your work vehicle you might want to consider this tough, no-nonsense van.