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Small business van heroes wish for big hero superpowers

Published on Tuesday 05 January 2016 in Van Heroes

Small business van heroes wish for big hero superpowers

We asked our van driving customers - if they could have one superpower to help them with their business what would that be? Here are some of our favourites:

  • X-ray vision – to see what's lurking beneath the foundations, or easily spot the cause of a leaking pipe.
  • The power of flight – you're stuck in a traffic jam – you're late for an important customer and you're going to miss a delivery.  No worries, with the power of flight you can rise above that traffic!
  • Mr Fix-it – No more losing cash by subcontracting - be great at every trade – An A1 trade machine.
  • Flotation – easier on the legs than climbing up and down the scaffolding…and up and down again…and again!
  • Super-Season – It's blowing a gale and hasn't stopped raining for weeks.  You need to get that roof finished…don't fret.  With the ability to change the seasons it can be summer at the click of your fingers.
  • Super speed – so much to do, so little time.  Switch to turbo-speed!
  • Time travel – the job's going pear-shaped.  The client's on the war path. Fast forward to the completed project, happy customer and fat pay cheque.
  • Captain Clone – When there's too much to do for one person alone.  Just clone yourself!
  • Sick-time saver – there's a bug going around, all your team seem to have it.  Sick-time saving powers will instantly heal the sick, so you can get your staff back to their full potential.
  • Future predictor – uncertain about taking a job, not sure how it's going to work out? Look into the future and it'll all become clear.
  • Mr Super Happy – sometimes life can just get too serious.  With happy powers you smile and the world will smile with you!


Is there a superpower you could really use to help in your job? Share it with us here.  We might not be able to grant you with special powers, but if you think a new van, pick-up truck or car might make things a whole lot easier, we would be happy to help you out.  Call 0845 094 1399 to speak to one of our advisers.

*Source: Federation of Small Businesses