Supporting charities close to our heart

Homelessness charity DENS, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and The Hospice of St. Francis are just some of the local and national charities we like to help. This round-up of our latest charity contact includes some exciting news of a new charity we will be supporting over the coming year - Prostate Cancer UK.

Prostate Cancer UK

1 in 8 men will get prostate cancer at some point in their lives. Most of our customers are men - so this simple point together with the fact that we are now proud sponsors of the Football Conference League, which also supports the charity, meant that raising money for Prostate Cancer UK was an obvious choice.

Steve Mark, Brand Director at Autorama UK visited the offices of Prostate UK in London last month to present a cheque for £7735, funds raised during the recent Non-league Day activities. During the visit he toured the head office meeting various departments and seeing first-hand the wonderful work their team do.

Steve discussed a number of exciting fundraising ideas to progress during the coming year and are really looking forward to working with Prostate Cancer UK to raise valuable funds for this such a worthwhile cause.


DENS houses and supports vulnerable single homeless people to help transform their lives. Lucy Turner, Marketing Manager at Autorama UK, recently visited some of the projects run by the charity to find out how things are going and how the van we donated has been used so far. During the visit she spent time looking around the DENS Dacorum Foodbank and speaking with Foodbank Manager Sharon Boyall to find out more about how the scheme works and the challenges that DENS faces. She also visited the DENS shop and furniture warehouse in the centre of Hemel Hempstead, as well as the Night Shelter.

The DENS Dacorum Foodbank visit made a huge impression on Lucy, "I don't think people realise just how much work goes into producing each box. As well as needing the food to go in each box, it costs DENS £15 from start to finish to get an individual box to the family which requires it," says Lucy. "This is down to the infrastructure needed to produce all of the boxes on the large scale that DENS achieves. Each box will then provide three meals for three days for those who have received it. It's really rewarding to see how the money raised gets spent……and just how much of it is needed!"

Lucy was pleased to get the chance to see some of the other DENS projects and hear directly from the DENS representatives working there about the importance of the work they do. It was especially nice to hear from everyone how much use the DENS van has had - it's used for everything from collecting food donations and delivering the finished boxes to delivering furniture from the warehouse to DENS service users.

The Hospice of St. Francis

The Hospice of St Francis is a charity that provides professional support and care for people with life shortening illness. We've recently donated a Ford Galaxy to the Hospice to help them with their vital patient care.

At Vanarama we like to be hands on doing fund raising too. We would argue that you can't get much more hands-on then hurling yourself out of a plane. Despite a morning of training for our skydive in September, the weather was against us and we were unable to jump. We are looking forward (with more than a little trepidation!) to our rescheduled Skydive later this month and are proud to say that we are on target to raise £9,200.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our latest charity update. Our next news update will include details on how the dogs and Cats at Battersea are making the most of their new van as well as an update on how many Vanarama staff we have left after our skydive!!

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