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The Green Industrial Revolution - Vanarama Turns It Orange With EVs

Boris Johnson has announced 10 key points to speed up a "green industrial revolution" in the UK. Most importantly for our customers, diesel & petrol-powered vehicles will stop being sold in the UK in 2030 & electric vehicles will take centre stage. As always, Vanarama is leading the way to make the transition to electric vehicles affordable & hassle-free for our customers.

For many world leaders, saving the environment is a priority & Prime Minister Boris Johnson's "green industrial revolution" has laid out how the UK will tackle it in 10 points. Covering everything from aviation, public transport & homes, the PM's plans will see billions of pounds pumped into our economy to jump-start our nation's transition to cleaner, greener living.

What Does The "Green Industrial Revolution" Mean For Cars & Vans?

Simply, it means an end to the sale of internal combustion engine (ICE) cars & vans in 2030. The aim is to kick start the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) 10 years earlier than the UK's original target. This is bold, but the PM is putting the following incentives in place to ensure the transition is electrifyingly fast:

  • £1.3b to speed up the rollout of charging points for electric vehicles in homes, residential roads & along motorways across England.

  • £582m in the shape of grants for people choosing to drive zero or ultra-low emission vehicles simply to make the vehicles cheaper.

  • Nearly £500m over the next 4 years for developing & scaling up the production of EV batteries.

These investments will take most of the next decade to have an impact, so here's how Vanarama can help you make the leap to electric vehicles faster.

How Is Vanarama Helping Customers Drive Electric Vehicles?

Vanarama is helping customers transition to driving EVs in the only way we know how: by making it affordable & hassle-free. Our core value is "if it's right for our customers, then it's right for us", & we know the 3 biggest concerns customers have about electric vehicles are price, running costs & charging - which is why we've got solutions for all of them.

**FREE Charging Points With Every EV Lease: **Electric vehicle technology has already advanced to the point where an EV can drive on one full charge, as far as an ICE equivalent can with a full tank of fuel - & they're only getting better. But customers are concerned about the availability of charging points & being caught without charge when they need it. That's why we give our customers a free home charger - The Smart+ from ChargedEV - with every electric vehicle we lease. With your own home charging point, you'll be making your home ready for EVs for years to come.

FREE Electricity With Mina Energy: While fuel costs will be a thing of the past with an EV, customers are still concerned about their electricity bills suddenly spiking due to charging. So, Vanarama decided the best way to remove this concern was to give customers free electricity through a partnership with Mina Energy. Customers will receive 3 months of electricity free so they can focus on getting used to their new EV, rather than worrying about their bills.

Leasing Is The Most Affordable Way To Keep Up With EV Tech: Matching customers up with the perfect vehicles & leasing products is what we do better than any other leasing company. Customers are rightly concerned that EV purchase prices are higher than ICE vehicles. But, if you lease an EV instead, you'll only pay fixed & affordable monthly rentals over a 2 to 5-year term & then be able to upgrade to the next EV you want to drive at the end. No massive deposits, no hidden costs, just affordable early adoption of cutting-edge driving tech.

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