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The Power of Video Content

Published on Friday 27 October 2017 in Van News

The Power of Video Content

If you're up to scratch with content marketing, you'll know as well as I do that it's ever-evolving, ever-changing and seems to be at the core of all marketing activities. How can I improve SEO on my website? Content. How can I drive awareness of my business? Content. How do I become an influencer in my industry? Content.

So what type of content is the most generative, and how easy is it to ensure that you're pushing it out regularly and of a high-enough quality?

At Vanarama, video content has proven to be most effective. 'Duh!' I hear you say. If you're in the content marketing space, then this is a given! Well, hear me out…

My colleague Tom and his idea of producing '60 second reviews' on our vehicles to inform and educate our target audience (a vital tactic if you want to become influential in your industry) really set the bar for our videos. With a 'Top Gear' touch, the viewer is taken through a simple overview of the vehicle, ensuring that only the points we know our target audience care about are touched upon. These short, information-busting gems have boosted our YouTube following and increased engagement for our prospects.

  • High quality is achieved because our videographer shoots and edits the footage in 4k while Tom (our copywriter) writes and presents the content.
  • We know it's generative because we've seen an increase in leads and engagement.
  • Downside? It's not easy, quick or cheap to create on a regular basis.

So how could we create the same quality of content, but with lower cost and time consumption?

Enter Jack Marzec and Vanarama News. With three key topics expertly deployed by Tom to the viewer on a weekly basis, filmed at our head office and edited by our energetic and talented marketing apprentice Jack, Vanarama News ticks all three boxes:


  • High quality is achieved through a simplistic setting with a still frame.
  • It's generative because it costs a small amount of time, and is uber-relevant to our audience because it covers automotive news.
  • Regularity is easy, it's filmed in just 20 minutes in one of our meeting rooms and takes Jack 45 minutes to edit!


Tom with his high-impact scripting and natural on-camera performances, and Jack with his invaluable video editing skills have been a recipe for success.

And no, you can't have them. But, it doesn't take much to set you on a path to creating high-quality, low-cost video content that engages. Simply invest in a reasonably-priced camera with mic-input and a wired lapel microphone – we got ours for £9.99 on Amazon!