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Top 5 cheap-as-chips marketing tips from the internet forums

Published on Wednesday 31 May 2017 in The Shoestring Marketing Blog

Top 5 cheap-as-chips marketing tips from the internet forums

I've searched through the internet forums visited by tradespeople to find 5 thrifty marketing tips you're definitely going to start doing today – number 3 is a particular favourite of mine. Vanarama's Tom Roberts reports.

Yes, you read that right. I've spent the last hour or so in the internet forums trying to hoover up some quick and cheap marketing tips being used by other tradespeople. These come straight from the horse's mouth, so let's get going.


5. Business card double-up

When you give a customer your business card, give them two. That way they've got one to keep and one to pass on when they recommend you to a friend. So, so simple and such a good tip.


4. The 1-month follow-up

You've done a job, you've been paid, you're moving on to the next one. But, add the email address of that customer to your mailing list with a reminder to email them in 1 month just to ask how they're getting on. It's a little bit of unexpected contact from a tradesperson and shows you care about your work. What's that going to do to your reputation?


3. The hand-written note

When you're working in a neighbourhood, drop a business card and a hand-written note in all the letterboxes. The note should say something like: "Hello, I'm doing a bit of work at [house name/number], so I wanted to let you know I was in the area in case there was anything I could help you with."

This is great because you're offering HELP, not SELLING. And hopefully it will make anyone who receives the letter ask their neighbour what your work is like.


2. Show off your work

No matter where you do it (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, your own website, etc) show off your work. Nothing speaks louder than a picture of an incredible piece of work that you are proud of. Plus, social media is free, all you need is a camera on your phone and a free app.


1. Wash your van

I know, I know. This sounds like the simplest thing in the world, and it is. But I went on a forum asking customers what turned them off hiring tradespeople, and a dirty van topped the poll by a mile. Clean van = clean job in the eyes of the customer.


If you have any low-cost marketing tips, let us know and we'll put together another top 5 list. What's your top tip going to be?