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Top 5 reasons you need to change your van every few years

Published on Wednesday 18 July 2018 in The Shoestring Marketing Blog

Top 5 reasons you need to change your van every few years

Change your van. Transform your business.

How old is your van? 6, 7...maybe 8 years old? Have you ever considered getting rid of your old banger and replacing it for a spanking new one? Driving a new van can actually make all the difference to your business. Vanarama's Laura Day reveals why.

First impressions count. If you're driving a van that's seen better days, upgrading it will do far more than improve your driving experience. A new van will help create a better impression with potential customers, could positively impact the amount of work you receive, the price you can charge and ultimately your business reputation. Need more convincing? Here's 5 reasons why upgrading your van every few years will change your business for the better.


1. Reduced costs

Are you always filling up at the pump? All the latest vans generally have better fuel efficiency than older ones. So, upgrading your van every few years means you'll probably be spending less as you go along.

Plus, if you own your current van, by selling it on and deciding to lease you will remove a depreciating asset from your balance sheet...that will keep your accountant happy for sure!


2. Release the equity in your current van to re-inject back into your business

By leasing a new van, the money raised from the sale of your old van can be put right back into your own business. Think about it...that could be a new piece of machinery, or even just some extra manpower to help your business grow.

Whatever you decide, if you change your van every few years and pay for it through monthly payments, you will free up money to use elsewhere. Bingo!


3. Peace of mind

A new van means no previous wear and tear and no worries about what problems might arise along the way. That's because new vans have their full manufacturer's warranty for the first 3 years of their life...and that's the average lease term anyway!

Plus, just add a maintenance package to your monthly payments and you won't have to worry about a thing, because any problems that arise will be covered by the package. So, what's inside this package?

The package will cover you for all routine services, mechanical repairs, replacement tyres, MOT if required & also replacement brakes, wiper blades and bulbs which will be subject to fair wear and tear. The additional cost will depend on the annual mileage you are doing and also how long you decide to take the contract over.


4. Avoid downtime while your old van is in for repairs

Old vans can often need repairs - this will be timely and costly for you and your business. Losing just half a day's work while your van's in for repair can have a knock on effect not just on that job, but on the work which follows it - potentially damaging your business' reputation.

Long story short: ensuring you're driving a reliable vehicle (and that means leasing and upgrading your van every few years), is the key to swerving any downtime for your business.


5. Prestige

There's no denying that driving a new van makes all the difference to your customers. If you really want the WOW factor when you turn up to your next job, what better way to surprise your customers than to appear in a shiny new van, as opposed to a battered old one? It's a no-brainer!

The state of your van really can make an impact. It could be the difference between one of your customers referring you to a friend or not. And, all that means is: one less job for you.


The man with a new van

A sparkly new van is the key to making a big impression with your customers. It will impact the amount of work you receive, the amount you can charge and most importantly - your business reputation.

Why settle for anything less than the best? Why buy used when you can have brand new? Interested in leasing a van? Check out all our hottest van deals right now by clicking here.