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Twit or Tweet? How to get to grips with Twitter

Published on Friday 17 July 2015 in The Shoestring Marketing Blog

Twit or Tweet? How to get to grips with Twitter

Twit or Tweet? How to get to grips with Twitter

Social media is here to stay but, you may be wondering if there's any benefit in spending time on a social media site when you have a mountain of things to do.

My advice?

Why not test the waters. If you've only got time to spend on one social channel dip your toes into Twitter. This is based on my experience working with professional tradesmen.

Commonsense I know but you must look at Twitter through the eyes of your existing customers, potential customers and key influencers - folk that could recommend you to their followers.

It's reasonable for you to conclude that you want to promote your business on Twitter but your customers and prospects don't want to be sold to and here's the dilemma. You see Twitter as an online channel to sell more products and promote your business. But your customers, prospects and influencers expect more from you! For example if they're on Twitter and you are they will use it to...

  • Ask questions about a product you stock or a service you supply
  • Complain about a product you sold or, the service they received from you
  • Ask questions about your service from your opening hours to your prices
  • Praise you for your great service

What happens if you're on Twitter and you've asked a member of your team to post messages? They check your Twitter account irregularly. But a person posting a message is expecting a response within the day. Instead they have to wait days, maybe weeks. What impression does this give of your business?

You must look at your presence on social media through the eyes of the folk you're hoping to attract. This means a daily check to respond to any messages with a pleasant and informative response.

Here are my top tops for using Twitter:

  1. Use your Twitter biography to share your business name, what you do and how long you've been established. It's the first thing a person will check out if they're interested in following you.
  2. Choose a nice image that showcases your business not a blurry iPhone image!
  3. Plan a varied programme of tweets. You can promote your business in between interacting with your followers and sharing useful information. So....Tweet the details of your special offers; run Twitter only competitions. Promote your new brochure, your opening hours; top five bestsellers in June etc. Announce the new products you're stocking this week/this month - one at a time. Link to your new website. Let followers know about seasonally popular services. Tweet images of your van and smiling pictures of you and your team.
  4. By all means save time and automate some of your tweets but keep the personal touch. This is social media not automated media so join in and be friendly!
  5. If you're tweeting regularly and, interacting with your followers your Twitter following will grow but don't expect thousands of new followers in a few months (unless you're a celebrity in your spare time that is!).

Just 15 minutes a day is all you need to kick start your presence on Twitter. Dip your toes in and good luck!


About our guest blogger and marketing expert Dee Blick

Our guest blog writer is Dee Blick, a Chartered Marketer and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Fellowship is the highest status awarded by CIM, the World's largest marketing body.

With 30 years' marketing experience, Dee has extensive experience in new product development and marketing strategy, with a track record of planning and delivering exceptional campaigns on a shoestring budget.