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Vanarama Case Study - Michael Moran

Published on Monday 28 April 2014 in The Shoestring Marketing Blog

Vanarama Case Study - Michael Moran

Everyone wants something different from their vehicle and with so many leasing firms out there, we like to speak to our customers to see why they chose to come to us for their commercial vehicle. Here's the story of Michael Moran:

No one can deny that working in the building trade means plenty of early morning wake up calls. But getting up with the larks for his drive to site is less of a headache for Michael Moran, since he became the proud driver of a gleaming Isuzu D Max Double Cab. Michael, who runs respected building firm, Wexford Construction Services Limited with his Dad, Joe, realised that his old van had seen better days. Not only was he at risk of being left at the side of the road with a broken down vehicle, but also letting his customers down by not turning up to work.

Michael wanted a vehicle that would cope with all the heavy loads and tricky terrain required by his job, yet look great when he clocks off at the end of the working day. A pickup was the obvious choice; a sturdy workhorse during the day, yet with enough cool factor to drive around town at the weekend.

What you see is what you get

Having built up quite a few years in the building profession between them, Michael and Joe realise that first impressions count. In fact, at Vanarama we recently researched consumer attitudes about tradespeople; we were not surprised to find out that over half of people surveyed would worry about the quality of a tradesperson's work if they weren't driving a decent vehicle. More than half (51%) said that they would worry about how good they were if they couldn't afford to drive a decent work vehicle. And over a third (39%) said they would be concerned about their reliability.

Joe Moran agrees, "Clearly it's vital to our business to ensure a steady flow of work. But I know that if we turn up to estimate for work in an old or beaten up vehicle we are less likely to get the job."

Achievable finance options

Of course, some businesses may be put off replacing an older vehicle because of concerns about future income. This is why at Vanarama, we are focused on giving small businesses a range of financing options that make it eminently affordable to drive a new vehicle. Michael and Joe opted to Finance Lease their Isuzu. Their contract gives them the flexibility to hold onto their all-important capital, much-needed for their building business, while they pay for the pickup over 4 years. All this time they are building up a pot of equity in the vehicle and, being VAT registered, are reclaiming 100% of the VAT paid on the pickup. Quids-in!

Icing on the cake

Word of mouth is our favourite way of getting business at Vanarama, which is how the Morans found us. We asked Michael if we lived up to expectations.

Being savvy with his cash, Michael made sure he did his homework by checking out the other leasing companies on price and was pleased to find that Vanarama offered the best deal. "I'm over the moon with the Isuzu", says Michael. "But what really did it for me was the customer service from Vanarama, "I had a dedicated sales guy, who answered all my technical questions on the pickup and cleared up my queries on the finance side of things really clearly. Then the girls on the Customer Support team made sure everything went through so I got my pickup just when I needed it."

We're glad to be of service to Michael and Joe - rumour has it they are already spreading the word about Vanarama among the watering holes of Watford and Rickmansworth. Thanks guys!

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