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Vanarama welcomes news of extra cash injection for our roads from foreign HGVs

Published on Monday 04 March 2013 in Van News

Vanarama knows that van and pick-up drivers are often in a hurry to get to the next job. Many of us have been in the frustrating situation where we're stuck on the motorway in our Ford Transit or Nissan Navara - feeling like a toy car, squeezed tightly between groups of imposingly huge foreign trucks, who we know are using our roads for free. Well, not any longer; a new law has been passed to give UK road users a fairer deal.

From April next year, the HGV Road User Levy Act will mean that foreign HGVs will be charged for using UK roads, in the same way that UK lorries are charged abroad. Foreign trucks over 12 tonnes will be charged up to £1000 per year, or £10 per day, to use UK roads.

With 1.5 million trips made to the UK each year by foreign registered lorries, UK businesses and tax payers have traditionally been left to foot the bill. The new law, however, will help ensure that operators from abroad will help pay towards the cost of building and maintaining the UK's roads.

So, the good news is next time you are stuck in a jam in your van or pick-up, you've got one less thing to get worked up about!