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Competition to win the chance to be the #VanaramaUltimateFan 2019

Published on Monday 29 April 2019 in Vanarama National League News

Competition to win the chance to be the #VanaramaUltimateFan 2019

#VanaramaUltimateFan Competition

Thank you for visiting our #VanaramaUltimateFan competition page.

This is your chance to celebrate your Teams promotion in style. Fancy handing over the trophy to the captain of your Team? And being in the thick of the action?

Well... you've come to the right place!

We're giving you and one of your pals a chance to win a day out at Wembley on us.

This will include:

  • Hospitality in the Wembley suite for you and a guest.
  • Premium seating.
  • A tour of Wembley.
  • A framed photo of you handing over the trophy.
  • Travel expenses.
  • Present the Vanarama National League Promotion Final trophy from the Royal Box.

Fill out your details to enter:




1. Vanarama is registered as Autorama UK Ltd in England and Wales with the register number 5137709. The registered office is Vanarama, Maylands Avenue Hemel Hempstead, HP2 7BW.
2. The competition is open to residents of the UK, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. If you are younger than 18, you must be accompanied by an adult on Saturday 11 May 2019.

How to enter

3. The competition will run between 30 April 2019 and 9am on Monday 6th May 2019 (the "Promotional Period").
4. The selection will be made between 6 May 2019 and 7 May 2019.
5. Entry into the competition is free.
6. To enter, you need to visit the Vanarama website and complete the online entry form. The entry form will require you to enter your name, address, email address and phone number. You will also be asked to confirm that you are 18 or over, or can be accompanied by an adult, select the club you support and answer the question: "Why should you be the #VanaramaUltimateFan?
7. Any entries received outside the opening or closing times will not be considered for selection, even if they appear to be registered.
8. For this competition, two winners will be selected - one for each of the clubs who are finalists at the Vanarama National League Play-off Final 2018/2019 at Wembley Stadium. Only the fan who supports the winning club will be able to present the Vanarama National League promotion final trophy.

Other conditions for entry

9. Only one entry per person will be accepted.
10. Entries will only be considered for those whose clubs are capable of reaching the Vanarama National League promotion final at Wembley Stadium on Saturday 11th May 2019.
11. Vanarama will verify the validity of your entry to ensure you are a fan of the club you say you support on your entry form. An additional draw will be carried out if you are not a fan of that team.
12. The prize cannot be donated to charity or passed onto anyone else.
13. All entries become the property of Vanarama. You acknowledge that you have waived your moral rights and any copyright or similar rights and title in any statement made by you in connection with, or in relation to, the selection (your "Content").
14. You also agree that Vanarama, or any persons authorised either directly or indirectly by Vanarama, can use any part of your Content as we see fit. We may distribute, edit, copy, translate, distort (for artistic purposes), or exhibit such Content for the purposes of promoting or in relation to the competition, using all media and formats. This includes all social media channels.
15. Lost, delayed, undelivered, incomplete or multiple entries will not be considered.
16. If you are selected, you must be free and available on 11 May 2019.

The prize

18. The selected winner who supports the winning club will present the Vanarama National League promotion final Trophy.
19. No cash alternative will be offered.
20. Participation in the competition cannot be exchanged or transferred.
21. You may not transfer the Prize to anybody. The unauthorised sale or disposal of tickets is a criminal offence under section 166 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, as amended by the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006.

Selecting the Winners

22. All eligible entries will be grouped according to the club they've selected. The winner of the Prize Draw will be he/she who is considered to provide the best answer to the question: "Why should you be the #VanaramaUltimateFan?
23. If you are a winner, you will be notified within two days after the close of the draw.
24. Vanarama's selection of the winner is final.
25. Vanarama reserves the right to publish names, photographs and county of the winner and those potentially shortlisted to publicise the promotion after the Promotional Period.
26. Winners and those shortlisted are subject to screening by Vanarama/associated third parties.
27. Should your entry be successful, Vanarama will make every effort to contact you through your contact details. If a response isn't received after 24 hours from initial contact your entry will be void.

Additional Conditions of entry into Wembley Stadium

28. Entry to Wembley Stadium is subject to normal conditions of entry. Vanarama is not liable if you or any person accompanying you is refused entry because you do not meet these conditions.
29. Except mobile phones used for personal and private use only, you may not bring into (or use within) Wembley Stadium any equipment that is capable of recording or transmitting any audio, visual or audio-visual material or any information or data in relation to a match or any aspect of it.
30. Wembley Stadium reserve the right to eject any person who fails to comply with applicable terms or conditions of entry.
31. If you are the subject of a current Banning Order under the Football Spectators Act 1989 (as amended), you will be refused entry to the competition to Wembley Stadium.


32. Vanarama will not be held responsible for the winner and/or companion not taking advantage of the Prizes due to health or any other reason.
33. Vanarama will not be held responsible if the fixture does not go ahead.

Personal Information

34. Vanarama will only collect, store and use your personal information, for the purposes of entering you into and administering the specific competition which you have entered as set out in these rules, and not for any other purpose without your consent.

35. Your personal information will be held on record for a short period of time as necessary to administer the selection process and then securely destroyed.


36. Vanarama reserves the right to terminate, amend or extend this competition at any time without notice.