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Vanatomy: Why van drivers should consider the Ford Transit Custom

Published on Thursday 27 December 2018 in Van News

Vanatomy: Why van drivers should consider the Ford Transit Custom

With over eight million of its various models sold, the Ford Transit is one of the best-selling medium vans of all time. In this week's Vanatomy, we take a closer look at the instantly-recognisable Ford Transit Custom.

The next time you head out on the road, take a mental tally of how many Ford Transit vans you pass (or that pass you) on the roads. The team at Vanarama is willing to bet that it's more than five.

But how many of them are going to be a Ford Transit Custom? Considering it's only been available since 2012, it's going to be more than you think for a van with only four years under its belt. This is thanks, in part, to being well-equipped and featuring all the bells and whistles you'd expect in a modern van.

Vanarama customer John Hicks said: "I love the Transit Custom, this is my second one. It's great, and has loads of toys. Now I can see why everyone wants one."


A fine mid-weight van

The Transit Custom was a completely new 1-tonne model on launch in 2012, split from Ford's larger 2-tonne models. Competing manufacturers had been doing this for a while, but Ford decided that if it was going to make a smaller van then it was worth doing it properly – an approach that earned it Auto Express' first Van of the Year award.

The Custom is not just a smaller version of the Transit, it's a new shape that maximises on a slightly smaller profile in meaningful ways. Our customer Chris Herbert said: "It's the best van I've had in my twenty years of running commercial vehicles. I cannot fault the Transit Custom."


"Like driving a big high-spec car"

Our customers are full of praise for the way the Custom feels to drive, with many comparing it to a high-spec car. Customer David Dalby commented that it "drives like a car and is a nice place to be when driving", while John Booth added that it has "good pull", and Trevor Kelly said he'd "rather drive this van instead of a car".

Miles per gallon measurements hover nicely in the 40s – even with the most powerful engines available, and all are front-wheel drive. Ford's 2.0-litre EcoBlue TDCi engine has proved to be a great choice for inclusion in the Custom allowing users real savings in fuel consumption, with Ford estimating possible savings at around £1,250 a year.


So much space in a compact package

Short and long wheel base versions provide users with around 6-7 cubic metres of load volume – something you'd expect in a mid-size panel van – and the high-roof model allows for even more with a capacity of 8.3 cubic metres!

All in all, this comes together to make the Transit Custom and exciting proposition for any van driver.  You can take a look at the new Transit Custom models available to lease, or you can call us on 01442 838 195.