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VANATOMY: Should you lease a Toyota Proace?

Published on Wednesday 24 May 2017 in Van News

VANATOMY: Should you lease a Toyota Proace?

Whether you want to lease a Toyota Proace can be answered if you ask yourself another one: do you want to drive a mid-sized panel van that boasts outstanding low running costs and a five-year manufacturer's warranty? If the answer is yes, you've found you van. Vanarama Content Editor Tom Roberts reports.

Can you believe that Toyota has been selling vans here in the UK for 40 years? And can you believe that this version of the Proace is only its second generation? No, neither can we, and that's because it's a refined model that really shows how much Toyota listens to its customers' needs.

What customer doesn't want a van that isn't going to cost the Earth to run and comes – as standard – with a five-year manufacturer's warranty? Those two points will grab your attention right away if your keen on keeping an eye on costs. As Auto Express noted in its review: "What the Toyota Proace does is mix compact van costs and manoeuvrability with mid-sized van practicality." Sounds pretty good to me.


Tell me more about those running costs…

Let's get straight into the meat of the issue – running costs are where this van shines. Every single engine variant available in the range (based on 1.6 and 2.0-litre diesel Euro 6 powerplants) gets over 50mpg!

And the engines are nice and clean, conforming as they do to the latest Euro 6 emission standard. The Proace engines feature a Selective Catalytic Reduction system which cleans the exhaust gases of all the harmful stuff. This system relies on Adblue being poured into the van's 22.5l tank, you'll probably need to fill it up every 9,300 miles or so. Small price to pay for a van this clean and efficient.


And what about load space?

Well, the short wheelbase version offers a 1,000kg payload, a 2,162mm load length and a 4.6m3 load volume – not as big as rivals, but still generous.

The medium version sits a bit more comfortably alongside competing models with a 1,400kg max payload, a 5.3m3 load volume and a 2.512mm load length – pretty standard for a medium panel van.

But the long (5.3m) version is even bigger still, and offers a 6.1m3 load volume, the same 1,400kg payload and a 2,862mm load length – big by medium van standards.

On all models, the cargo area is accessible through two side-hinged bay doors, and sliding doors on both sides – this last point means you won't have to turn the van around on busy roads to get a sliding door on the pavement side. In the medium and long versions, you'll even be able to slide a Europallet into the side doors – super convenient.


And the rest?

Well, there's that 5-year warranty, which provides amazing peace of mind to anyone who leases a Proace. Then there's the smooth drive, comfortable cabin and high reliability / safety ratings.

The driving position isn't as high as many other vans in the medium sector, so there's less of a climb to get in. And the cabin is cosy with a letterbox-like windscreen that offers good visibility.

And if you want to find out more about Toyota's plans for the next 12 months? Take a look at when I met with Toyota's CV Manager, Gareth Matthews, at this year's CV Show in Birmingham in the video below: