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What do Vanarama customers think of the Citroen Dispatch?

Published on Tuesday 20 June 2017 in Van News

What do Vanarama customers think of the Citroen Dispatch?

The Citroen Dispatch is often referred to as the mid-sized with the big heart – and that's probably because of its roomy cabin and comfortable ride, coupled with good economy and safety features. But what do Vanarama's customers think?

This feature is all about what our customers have said about the Citroen Dispatch in the reviews left on our website – for a more in-depth look at the van itself, take a look at our deals page here: www.vanarama.com/citroen-van-leasing/dispatch.html.


Straight from our customers

In our latest review, Vanarama customer and Citroen Dispatch driver Paul Lambertini said: "Very good van, economical just like driving a car, powerful engine which is very quiet, inside the cab is comfortable with plenty of storage space. The van is spacious at the back, perfect for a decorator like me."

Mark Prizeman noted his decision to choose a Dispatch as an upgrade to his existing van, saying: "Having had my old van for 15 years, it's nice to have something thoroughly modern." And David Mccormick and Craig Berrows simply said: "Great van." Can't beat a succinct review like that.


A review for us AND a review of the Dispatch

The best review we received showed both a customer's love for the van, and commented on Vanarama's great customer service.

Richard Morton said: "The Roof bars were missing when the vehicle arrived. I was expecting many excuses and problems, but what I got was straight answers, apologies and roof bars fitted within 24 hours. 1st class. The Van is also much better than expected. It drives and handles like a car. Even for the basic van model I chose it has air con, sat nav, parking sensors, speed camera warnings, what more could I ask for? My only slight complaint is that it could do with a second interior light nearer the cab as per my old VW transporter van. Other than that, it's a 99 out of 100 van."


If you would like to find out more about the Citroen Dispatch deals we can offer, head to www.vanarama.com/citroen-van-leasing/dispatch.html or call 01442 838 195 today.