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Mercedes-Benz C Class Car Leasing

Why Lease the Mercedes-Benz C Class?

Mercedes-Benz C Class

Since the Mercedes-Benz C Class saloon first went on sale in 1993, the manufacturer has sold close to ten million of them. The mini S Class hasn’t been changed too radically in recent years because, well, why fix something that’s not broken? But these days, the competition has blown up and the C Class has a seriously tough job on its hands. It may be one of the most established names in the executive car class, but it has to compete with a wider range of rivals than it ever faced before. And, with every manufacturer eager for its share of the market, Mercedes can't afford to rest on its laurels.


Models Available

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is available as a 5-seat saloon and a 4-seat coupe or convertible. In all models, the front seats are comfortable with ample standard power adjustments to help you find a suitable driving or riding position. There's also good lateral support, and you can upgrade to various sport or performance front seats that are more contoured and supportive. No matter which trim and body style you choose, Mercedes offers individual options and packages to customise your vehicle and add further premium touches.


The C Class is definitely up against it with cars such as the new Jaguar XE, BMW 3 Series and Audi A4 all competing for the same buyers. You should opt for the C-Class if comfort and elegance are your main priorities. This is one of the more expensive cars in the class, and it comes standard with a long list of infotainment and safety features.


From The Manufacturer

“Never stop improving. That’s the philosophy behind the dynamic C-Class, which offers more comfort, more innovation, and more style than ever before.”