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The 10 Most Comfortable Cars

If you’re someone who’s built for comfort and not speed, then we’ve got the perfect list of vehicles for you – from soft suspension to acres of interior space, and from tech-laden cabins designed to ease away the stresses of modern life to cars which are whisper-quiet thanks to electric drivetrains, these are our top 10 comfiest vehicles on the market today.


P = Petrol

D = Diesel

MHEV = Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle: only uses very moderate electrical assistance to save fuel. Can be petrol- or diesel-powered.

HEV = Hybrid Electric Vehicle: no plug-in recharging capabilities but has enough electrical power to drive on electric energy only for very short periods of time. Normally petrol-powered.

PHEV = Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle: has a much larger battery than a HEV and can travel further, typically around 30 miles, on electric power only as a result. Can also be plugged in to recharge the battery. Normally petrol-powered, but Mercedes does diesel PHEVs too.

EV = Electric Vehicle: has no internal combustion engine onboard whatsoever and can only be recharged by plugging into mains electric.

1. Volkswagen Up

Class And Body Type: A-segment, city car hatchback | Drivetrain Choices: P, EV | Leasing Costs From: c.£172pcm

It might be old, but the Volkswagen Up still oozes class in the cheapest car segment of the lot. And because it looks great on the outside, has a quality interior that’s made of the best possible materials at this price point, and it drives in such a smooth fashion – especially as the all-electric e-Up – then this is the most comfortable tiny car you can get right now.

01. HMC-10-Most-Comfortable-Cars-VW-Up

2. Hyundai i20

Class And Body Type: B-segment, supermini hatchback | Drivetrain Choices: P, MHEV | Leasing Costs From: c.£197pcm

Hyundai has made huge quality and refinement strides in recent years, and nowhere is this more evident than in the affordable yet advanced i20 supermini. The previous 2 generations of i20 were always worthy if a bit dull, but this 3rd-gen car, which launched in 2020, has a seriously upmarket cabin full of helpful tech, boasts plenty of space for its small footprint, and is remarkably quiet and refined to travel in. It’s probably better than a Ford Fiesta or a Volkswagen Polo – high praise indeed.

02. HMC-10-Most-Comfortable-Cars-Hyundai-i20

3. Ford Focus

Class And Body Type: C-segment, midsized hatchback or estate | Drivetrain Choices: P, D, MHEV | Leasing Costs From: c.£227pcm

Ford knows how to sort a fluid chassis and the Mk4 Focus is no exception to this rule. So not only is the Ford hatchback (or estate, if you fancy it) great to drive in the corners, it’s relaxing and cosseting when all you’re doing is getting from A to B. Want even more comfort from your Focus? Then specify an Active model. This has an off-road bias, which means taller, softer suspension and chunkier tyres so it has particularly velvety ride comfort.

03. HMC-10-Most-Comfortable-Cars-Ford-Focus

4. Skoda Superb

Class And Body Type: D-segment, large hatchback or estate | Drivetrain Choices: P, D, PHEV | Leasing Costs From: c.£281pcm

It’s a complete no-brainer to go with the Superb when you get to this sector of the market, especially if what you want is comfort above all else. Not only does the Superb have some of the best suspension in the class, in terms of the way it soaks up lumps and bumps, but its long wheelbase helps its stability even more… and then there’s the simply vast amount of interior space. Tall adults can sit in the back of this vehicle with little difficulty, so it really is the weapon of choice for those looking for the utmost in luxury but at a reasonable price.

04. HMC-10-Most-Comfortable-Cars-Skoda-Superb

5. Tesla Model 3

Class And Body Type: D-segment (premium), compact executive saloon | Drivetrain Choices: EV | Leasing Costs From: c.£432pcm

We all know that electric vehicles, or EVs, are very comfortable things to travel in, mainly because the lack of an internal combustion engine removes lots of noise and vibrations from the usual driving experience. Tesla’s most affordable model builds on that with exceptional ride comfort, minimal wind noise around the cabin and arguably the company’s best-built, highest-quality interior yet, so you can travel many, many zero-emission miles in total peace and calm.

05. HMC-10-Most-Comfortable-Cars-Tesla-Model-3

6. Lexus ES

Class And Body Type: E-segment, midsized executive saloon | Drivetrain Choices: HEV | Leasing Costs From: c.£352pcm

Lexus cars always imbue their owners with a sense of security and relaxation, and the ES continues that fine tradition. It might be a front-wheel-drive car in a predominantly rear-wheel-drive sector of the market, but that doesn’t mean the ES feels cheap to drive – if anything, its smooth hybrid drivetrain and impeccable interior fit-and-finish go a long way to making the Lexus feel like a car from a class above many of its key rivals.

06. HMC-10-Most-Comfortable-Cars-Lexus-ES

7. Mercedes EQS

Class And Body Type: F-segment, luxury saloon | Drivetrain Choices: EV | Leasing Costs From: tbc

We could have gone with the age-old standard-bearer in this segment, the S-Class, which is a magnificent machine in its 7th generation and full of touches that make it a comfort king – such as heated and cooled seats with massaging functions, or ionised air in the cabin, or multicolour ambient interior lighting to lift your mood. But the brand-new EQS is basically an electric S-Class, so going without a noisy petrol or diesel engine and then being blessed a huge battery pack giving up to 453 miles on a single charge, it means this is now the ultimate in Mercedes-Benz wafting luxury.

07. HMC-10-Most-Comfortable-Cars-Mercedes-EQS

8. Citroen C3 Aircross

Class And Body Type: Small crossover-SUV | Drivetrain Choices: P, D | Leasing Costs From: c.£212pcm

Citroen, as a company, has a long and distinguished career of producing some of the most comfortable cars in history, and in the modern day there’s a marque-wide ethos called ‘Advanced Comfort’. This means its vehicles have softly sprung suspension, ergonomic and plush seats, and increased sound-deadening, all with the aim of making each and every one of your journeys as relaxing and stress-free as possible. The funky-looking C3 Aircross is a great proponent of this – you won’t want to throw it into the corners too fast, given how much it rolls about in such instances, but the way it effortlessly covers ground on a cruise is unmatched among smaller crossover-SUVs.

08. HMC-10-Most-Comfortable-Cars-Citroen-C3-Aircross

9. Volvo XC60

Class And Body Type: Midsized SUV | Drivetrain Choices: P, D, MHEV, PHEV | Leasing Costs From: c.£371pcm

Sumptuous, light-coloured Scandinavian interior. Top-end technology and safety systems. Smooth driving manners and almost totalitarian noise suppression around the cabin. Yep, the Volvo XC60 Mk2 takes some beating when it comes to comfortable, prestigious SUVs with 5 seats in the cabin. You can even ramp up the luxury levels further with optional air suspension, or go for the T8 plug-in hybrid model and you get as much as 46 miles of EV-driving near-silence to further augment the feelgood factor of driving this Swedish SUV.

09. HMC-10-Most-Comfortable-Cars-Volvo-XC60

10.BMW X7

Class And Body Type: Large 7-seat luxury SUV | Drivetrain Choices: P, D, MHEV | Leasing Costs From: c.£950pcm

Get past the X7’s slightly clunky looks and what you have here is one of the most underrated vehicles in terms of sheer, all-encompassing luxury. For starters, it is such a physically huge machine that 7 adults can actually sit onboard in incredible comfort, even back in row 3 of the cabin where the rear-most 2 chairs have all the amenities of the 5 seats ahead of them in the interior. Want it to be plusher than that in here? An option pack equips 6 Captain’s Chairs in the cabin, instead of 7 regular seats, for the ultimate private-jet experience at ground level. Twin-axle air suspension on all models only goes and seals the comfortable deal.

10. HMC-10-Most-Comfortable-Cars-BMW-X7

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