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The Best Cars for Tall People 2023

The best cars for tall people 2023

By Mark Nichol - Updated 3/4/23

Car driver ergonomics have improved hugely over the last couple of decades, so it’s rare that someone over six-foot won’t fit into a modern car - even a small one. But finding a truly comfortable car is a little more difficult when you’re on the taller side.

If the driver’s seat is mounted too high it can make the car’s roof lining feel too close, and a little claustrophobic; if the seat doesn’t adjust enough, you might not be able to get it as far down as you’d like. The same goes for a steering wheel that doesn't have enough reach adjustment - or none at all. Beyond that, there are some sports cars and city cars that are just too physically small for taller people to fit inside them properly. We’re here to help. Here’s our pick of the ten best and most comfortable cars for taller drivers, spanning from hybrids to saloons, and SUVs to estates.

Top 10 Cars For Tall Drivers

10) Honda Jazz


The Honda Jazz is consistently praised for being a great car for taller people. For a supermini, that’s quite an achievement. A hybrid as standard these days, it’s perfect for people who need plenty of leg space, but also something that can fit easily into a smaller parking bay. One of the ways Honda achieved this was by designing an unusually-shaped fuel tank, specifically to free up interior space and offer maximum rear legroom. The result is a smaller car with genuine big car space. It’s one of the most flexible, family-friendly supermini-type cars ever made.

Find our latest Honda Jazz lease deals.

9) Hyundai i20

03. top-10-alts-vauxhall-corsa-hyundai-i20

The i20 small hatchback is one of many truly desirable cars in the Hyundai portfolio. Not least because there’s a high-performance N version that’s an absolute hoot to drive. Even at its most basic, though, it’s a fundamentally impressive car. There’s plenty of head space front and back, because of its relatively high roof, and even the tallest driver will fit comfortably - the driving position is spot-on. The ride is arguably on the firmer side for a car of this size, but that’s part of its ‘fun to drive' appeal - and you won’t feel hemmed in.

View our latest Hyundai i20 lease deals.

8) Audi A6 Avant


Estate cars have fallen slightly out of fashion over the last few years, the victim of the trend towards taller crossover SUVs. Despite that, the Audi A6 Avant has managed to remain very popular. It easily fits five adults with plenty of headroom, especially in the front seat. The A6 Avant is an ‘executive’ estate, similar to a BMW 5 Series Touring, say, so you’ll pay a slight premium for all this space. But whatever specification you choose, you'll have a lot of very luxurious, very flexible car for your cash, and with a huge boot.

View our Audi A6 Avant lease deals.

7) Honda CR-V 


Crossover-SUVs have rapidly become the cars of choice for people who need a lot of space. We can argue the merits of them all day long - tall driving position for good visibility, a flexible boot space, and plenty of room in the cabin. The Honda CR-V’s longer wheelbase gives it good legroom in both the front and rear row of seats. Its high roof is the major benefit too, allowing taller people to get comfortable in the front or the back.

View the latest Honda CR-V lease deals.

6) Skoda Fabia

08. top-10-alts-vauxhall-corsa-skoda-fabia

You might remember when Skoda was the butt of every automotive joke. That time has long since passed, and it can largely be put down to the existence of the Skoda Fabia. The budget-friendly supermini has been continually refined since its debut in 1999, and one of those refinements is a pleasantly spacious interior with room for four adults. With an adjustable driving position that offers a greater range than most, and a tall profile providing plenty of legroom, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option for the price point.

Take a look at our latest Skoda Fabia lease deals.

5) BMW 7 Series


About as far away from a supermini as you can get, the BMW 7 Series has an almost obscenely luxurious and spacious interior. In fact, it’s easy to argue that it’s a more pleasant place for rear passengers than it is for the driver. That isn’t to say the front isn’t an enjoyable place to be, of course, but the 7 Series is definitely as much of a limo as it is a personal car. Like all BMWs though, it’s great to drive and has a fantastic driving position whether you’re tall or shorter.

View our latest BMW 7 Series lease deals.

4) MINI Hatchback


It might seem strange putting a MINI on a list of cars that are good for tall people. However, the cabin of the MINI Hatchback is accommodating for drivers of all sizes, because it’s just a fantastic piece of ergonomic design. The seat is set really low, so the roof feels high, and the steering wheel adjusts plenty in all directions. The rear is tight, naturally, but if you need more space, the five-door model is the way to go. The Clubman is bigger still - more like the size of a Volkswagen Golf - but whichever one you choose, you’ll get the same brilliant driving position.

Take a look at our best Mini Hatch lease deals, or see how the Mini Hatch compares to the Mini Electric.

3) Toyota Prius


The original hybrid has evolved a lot over the years from its fairly bland beginnings in the late 1990s. Some might say that the Toyota Prius is still more of a city car than a long-range cruiser, but the interior can keep you in comfort no matter the length of the journey. As one of the preferred choices of Uber drivers across the UK, both the back and the front have plenty of room to accommodate even the tallest occupants.

2) Volkswagen Polo

Polo blog

You can always rely on Volkswagen to bring the goods, and the enduringly charming Volkswagen Polo continues to be one of the most spacious small cars. With a heritage spanning back to 1975, the Polo has been refined over the decades into something truly great to be in, with a driver’s position that can be adjusted to fit just about anyone. It remains one of the best options on the market for tall drivers, although taller rear seat passengers might get slightly sore knees.

View our latest Polo lease deals, or see how the Volkswagens stack up against each other as we compare Polo vs Golf.

1) Tesla Model 3

06. no-05-top-10-long-range-evs-tesla-model-3

Leasing a Tesla Model 3 gives you a clean, minimalistic interior. It has plenty of space for both drivers and passengers, and the ‘infinity’ roof - largely made of glass, that is - gives the illusion of endless space. The main touchscreen will feel a little weird when you first use it, but its functionality is unmatched by any of its competitors. And if this isn’t roomy enough for you, check out the similar yet slightly taller Tesla Model Y SUV.

Find out which Tesla model suits you best in our Model 3 vs Model Y comparison, or see how the Models 3 compares to a Polestar 2. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find a car to fit your lifestyle, whether that be a family cruiser or an executive saloon, on our car leasing page.

Best Cars For Tall People FAQs

What factors do tall drivers need to consider? It’s best to look at all the dimension stats of the car in question, to find out what the head-, leg- and even shoulder-room in the vehicle is like. You want to check that there’s plenty of adjustment in the seats and the steering wheel, while adequate lumbar support on the seats is an important consideration for long-distance driving comfort too. If you’re looking for a new car that’s a pleasure to drive, check out our picks of the most comfortable cars on offer.

What cars should tall people avoid at all costs? Although they are both brilliant cars, the Mazda MX-5 and the Fiat 500 Classic are not ideal vehicles for taller people. Both of them have small cabins, and the MX-5 in particular doesn’t afford a lot of leg- or headroom for anyone over six-foot tall. They’re fine for shorter drivers, though - very good, in fact.

Which cars give tall drivers the most legroom? Aside from very expensive luxury saloons, like the Audi A8, BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S-Class, you always tend to get lots of room in the cabins of Skoda’s products. The Fabia supermini makes our list, but all of the Scala, Octavia and Superb cars, and the Karoq, Kodiaq and all-electric Enyaq SUVs are well worth checking out. For lengthier trips, comfort considerations like legroom are key for passengers and drivers alike. For more information on the best cars for long distance, take a look at our handy guide.

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