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Citroen Relay Van Review

You RELAY Need To Consider This Large Van

Everything you need to know about the Citroen Relay is right here – this large van is packed with features to make its users lives easier. Vanarama's Tia Richards reports.

Okay, now let's get even more in-depth…

The Citroen Relay has been around for well over a decade. You might remember your first sighting of the Relay in 2006, but since then the Relay has benefited from numerous facelifts to its body and engines.

This large van is available as a Tipper, Dropside and Luton and you now have a choice of 3 engine outputs; 110bhp, 130bhp and 160bhp. Oh, and you might have seen this face before because the Citroen Relay platform shares with the Fiat Ducato and Peugeot Boxer.

Here's our review of the current generation L3 H3 Citroen Relay…

Get Familiar With The Front


So, let's start with the front.

The first thing you'll notice are the MASSIVE headlights. To give you an idea of how big they are, I used my arm to measure the size of them. Instead of giving you a number, use the length of your arm – from your elbow to your hand. Yep, they are enormous.

Next up is the beastly grille. Okay, it's not as bold as the grille on the Vauxhall Vivaro Deranged, but it definitely makes a statement. In fact, it's hard not to notice its presence. But is it all for show? The answer is no! The grille is extremely tough-wearing thanks to its chosen attire – a mix of durable plastic and metal.

Placed just above the grille is the familiar Citroen badge. This feature is also enlarged. I'm starting to think that the hulk might have been in mind when Citroen were designing this van…

Before we move onto the features that will tower before you, we thought it might be helpful to mention that Citroen have designed the front using 3 panels. So, if you happen to damage 1 of the panels you can just remove it and replace it, simple. Very clever Citroen (cue the round of applause).

Moving onto the front features that towered over me – the gigantic windscreen and the lengthy aerial. Let's talk about the windscreen; huge, big and gigantic… anyone else know how we can say large? Rest assured that you'll be able to see VERY clearly. And the aerial? Well, admittedly it's not as visually pleasing as a shark head aerial, but it gets the job done. You can listen to all your favourite radio stations.

Back To Basics


Moving onto the cabin.

Look, we're not going to lie to you, the cabin is quite basic. If you're not after a plush cabin with unneeded luxuries like voice control (apologies Mercedes-Benz Sprinter) the Citroen Relay is your van. Not that we have anything against voice control in a van, but is it really necessary? We'll let you decide. Anyway, back to the Relay – here's what to expect when you take a seat in the cabin…

First of all, let's address the elephant in the room – the reoccurring theme of GIGANTIC assets. Have a feel of the steering wheel and cast your eyes on the dashboard, both take centre stage due to their size.

Don't worry, I know we said the cabin is basic, but all models include these features (at no extra cost):

  • DAB radio with Bluetooth
  • Steering wheel controls
  • USB socket
  • Dash clipboard
  • Remote Central Locking
  • Emergency Braking Assistance
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Immobiliser
  • ABS

BUT, if you want a little bit of luxury you'll have to pay extra for these features, also known as the 'Enterprise' model:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Cruise Control
  • Rear Parking Sensors
  • Touch screen infotainment system

If you fancy upping your game when it comes to the cabin it will cost you, but nothing in life is free – nope not even aircon. But don't worry if you can't fork out for the features above, I mean, air con isn't a necessity when you live in the UK.

Next up is storage in the cabin and there's LOADS of it. There are 2 gloveboxes, 1 is lockable and will hold a laptop or tablet or both, at the same time – disclaimer alert, this has not been tried and tested, do so at your own risk. Look on the dashboard and you'll see more storage – a shelf and cubbies. Watch our mini review here to see how spacious the Citroen Relay is >>>

The only fault we can point out is the placement of the handbrake. So, you're in the driving seat, look to your right and BOOM there it is, strange?

It's RELAY Roomy


Yep, you read that right – this van is RELAY roomy. I know I promised I wouldn't use the pun again, but I couldn't resist – last time, promise.

You might be surprised to hear this (not), but the loading bay is VERY big. Our tried and tested L3 H3 panel van model can carry an impressive 1500kg in the back, measures to a whopping 3705mm in length and is 2172mm tall.

If you need to carry a bulkier load, opt for the L4 H3 model – it can hold a 1995kg maximum payload. In fact, now would be a good time to tell you that the Citroen Relay is available in 4 lengths; 4963mm to 6363mm and 3 heights from 2254mm to 2764mm.

Right enough bragging about the size of this…. van. Take a look around the cargo bed and you'll find plenty of lashing points and extra storage space above the bulkhead. Oh, and you might have noticed the ply-lined interior in the back, guess what? It won't cost you a penny when you lease a van with us! Check out our range overview video to find out more:

You're Driving

Got your seatbelt on? Let's go for a drive…

Picture this – you're in the driving seat of a 2-litre BlueHDi, 6-speed manual Citroen Relay. I know what you're thinking – it doesn't sound as glamourous as an ad for a holiday resort, but it's close enough, right?

Let's talk about the 2-litre BlueHDi diesel engine, which are the heart of all Relay's. 2 words; powerful and economical. Despite the size of this VERY large van, you might be surprised to hear that it's light on its feet and it's certainly packing a punch when it comes to speed. Need to pick up the pace? Need to slow down? Either way, when you change gears this Relay responds without hesitation.

This van also has no trouble snaking in and out of sharp turns. Surprised? Yep, we were too. It's hard to find a van of this size with a very responsive turning circle.

And visibility? Well, you can see EVERYTHING! We mentioned the windscreen earlier and we weren't joking when we said it was big. You know when you go to the cinema and everything is enlarged because the screen is massive? Yeah, lets use that as a comparison to the colossal windscreen.

Here's more good news…

If our tried and tested 130bhp Relay isn't tickling your fancy, this van is not only available in different dimensions, but you can also choose from these engine outputs; 110bhp and 160bhp.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Look, if you're looking for a van that's kitted with the latest tech and a lavish cabin, you're not going to find it in the Citroen Relay. But, it's not all doom and gloom. The cabin might be basic, but it makes up for it in load space and its HUGE windscreen. This van is all about function, choose the Citroen Relay if you want to get the job done.

Expert Review

The Citroen Relay 35 L3 Diesel takes a workhorse approach, and is suited to transporting capacity payloads over distance, a task which it performs well.

Customer Reviews

Good choice of vehicle, plenty of room. Great for transporting pallets too.
Sheena Gibbons
It’s a good van.
Helal Uddin

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