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Christmas Drive Home

It's the time of year, where thousands of motorists in the country embark on long journeys home for Christmas.

These journeys are an important part of our plans as it means we get to spend quality time with family and friends at Christmas. For what is already an expensive time of year, the long journeys home could end up costing you far more than it needs to.

We've put together a range of helpful tips to help you keep the costs down this festive season so that you go into 2018 with some change in your pocket.

Reduce the cost of your fuel

The winter season has seen the cost of fuel increase by as much as 3p a litre, making it even more important to try and cut the price of fuel.

A great way to save on petrol and cut the cost of your journey overall is by driving economically. You can do this by:

  • Lowering your overall speed
  • Maintaining a constant speed in a high gear
  • Reducing the number of times that you brake suddenly
  • Carrying lighter loads

It's important during the winter months, to check that your car is running smoothly, and while you should try to have your car serviced before the weather turns cold, you can never fully prepare for every eventuality but there are some things that you can check for before heading off on a long journey:

Check your lights

With the dark evenings here, having proper working headlights could help keep you safe on long journeys in less than favourable conditions.

Properly inflate your tyres

Checking your tyres in the winter is incredibly important as not having the correct tyre tread and pressure can be incredibly dangerous in wet and icy conditions. By having the correct pressure in your tyres, you are ensuring that you get the maximum grip on the road. Under-inflated tyres can cause poor handling and increase your chances of having an accident.

Having the correct tyre pressure will also save you money as it helps maintain optimum fuel efficiency.

Check your fluid levels

To help reduce the risk of your vehicle breaking down, try and keep your fluid levels topped up. From oil and petrol to anti-freeze and screen-wash, keeping these fluids topped up can help reduce the risk of any breakdowns and helps to improve the performance of your vehicle.

Check your windscreen and wiper blades

To ensure that your driving conditions are safe, check that your windscreen is clear of dirt and debris and that your wipers do not leave any smears.

Avoid buying snacks at a service station

Many motorists, especially on long journeys, like to have a snack or a drink to keep their energy up. This could mean stopping at petrol or service stations which will cost you far more than you would expect.

Food or drink bought from services are ludicrously expensive and should be avoided, if possible.

Packing a few snacks from home is a great way to save money (it will also help your waistline before the overindulgence on Christmas Day!)

Save money with Temporary Vehicle Insurance

The best way to save money over Christmas is by only paying for the vehicle insurance you need.

Many us have our own annual insurance for our vehicles, however, if you are borrowing a vehicle or want to share the driving duties, you could save money on temporary car insurance.

Temporary car insurance is perfect for any situation where you would need to borrow a vehicle you're not insured on, or if someone needs to drive your vehicle at short notice, temporary car insurance is a fantastic option.

Driving without insurance is illegal and you could face fines, driving penalty points and could risk your vehicle being destroyed – which is the last thing anyone would want over Christmas.

There are options where you could purchase an annual policy to use a vehicle or become a named driver of a policy. However, these options do have some financial drawbacks. Purchasing an annual cover for a short period of time can be a huge expense and becoming a named driver could have an impact on the vehicle owner's policy, especially if you were to have an accident.

A temporary insurance policy, on the other hand, gives you the flexibility. You can purchase a policy to cover you for a day or up to 28 days, so whatever you plan are over Christmas, you can get a temporary insurance policy to suit your needs.

Temporary insurance policies protect the No Claims Discount of the vehicle owner, unlike being a named driver on an existing policy. This is because temporary vehicle insurance is a standalone cover which has no impact on the vehicle owner's existing cover.

By taking out a temporary insurance cover, you could save hundreds of pounds on future premiums as you won't lose your No Claims Bonus if a claim is needed.

Temporary insurance cover is a flexible and fast way to get covered over the Christmas period. Get a quote by giving us a call and find out how much you could save with temporary vehicle insurance.