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Insure your Ford Transit van today

The Ford Transit is one of the most popular families of vans on the market, and one of our bestsellers. So, it's only natural we'd write a post about the many ways you can insure it with Vanarama Insurance Services. Vanarama Content Editor Tom Roberts reports.

With over eight million of its various models having been sold the world over, the Ford Transit is one of the best-selling families of vans of all time. From the BIG Transit, all the way to the Custom and Connect, the range has proved itself as a reliable workhorse capable of suiting any tradesperson's needs. After selling so many, we've become experts on the Ford Transit family, and that is reflected in our insurance products.

When it comes to commercial vehicles, Ford has included a number of features to ensure that anyone running a business can rely on their vehicles, and be assured that they will be built with the highest build quality to be durable enough to let you get on with your business. And let's face it, "Ford" is a name you can trust – this company sets the benchmark when it comes to commercial vehicles, and with the catchphrase 'Go Further' it is obvious that Ford continues to grow and evolve to make its vehicles better and better every time.

So, if you do choose to drive one, you'll probably want to make sure it's protected with insurance, right? We can help you there.

Multi-Year Insurance

Taking on board our customers' demands and expertise with the vans of all shapes and sizes, we worked with our underwriters to exclusively offer Vanarama customers a premium guarantee on van insurance policies. That means, in realistic terms, that the annual cost of your insurance will not change from the day you buy it across the duration of your lease.

This means, for example, that you'll be able to lease a van for three years, and get a multi-year insurance policy with a premium that doesn't change year-to-year – this puts you firmly in control. Our Multi-Year Policies are only available to Vanarama leasing customers, and can only be purchased by giving us a call on 01442 838 173.

Find the perfect policy for you

If you're just looking to compare prices, we can help you there too. By using our comparison platform, you'll be able to compare annual insurance policies RIGHT NOW. You'll see a variety of quotes from our panel of top insurance providers in just a few minutes – give it a try here – or call 01442 838 173 now.

If you would like to browse the Ford vehicles we can provide, take a look here, you can even take a look at our Ford Transit video reviews below.