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Pickups are on point. Pickup insurance can be too

Vanarama Insurance presents 7 tips to get cheap insurance on Britain's favourite vehicle. Kate Bailey reports

If you are thinking of buying a brand-new pick up truck, you're not alone. Despite the Brexit doom-mongers, and economic defeatists nothing can dampen the British driver's appetite for a pick up. The first five months of 2017 has seen *registrations of pick-ups rising by almost a fifth on 2016. What's more with fresh products on the horizon, including the Renault Alaskan and Mercedes-Benz X-Class, the appeal of the pick up looks set to grow. But if you are worried that a great big pick up will come with great big insurance costs, don't be. With a little knowledge and some savvy use of insurance comparison websites like ours, cheap pick up insurance is within your control.

Don't pay extra

Of course, certain things aren't going to change – your address, your profession and your driving history. But there are plenty of ways to lower your insurance costs. You wouldn't buy an extra trolley-full of goods in the supermarket, would you? So why pay for extra mileage you aren't going to use? If you are certain of your driving skills and haven't made a claim in a while, then opting for an increased excess might be a gamble worth taking, to keep your annual premium low. This simple infographic will explain more and help you cut costs further:

Cut your premium? Now lock it in with multi-year pick up insurance

Want to side-step spiralling insurance costs? If you lease a pick up with Vanarama and remain claim-free, we will make sure that the annual cost of your insurance will not change from the day you buy it across the duration of your lease. Our Multi-Year Policies are only available to Vanarama leasing customers, and can only be purchased by giving us a call on 01442 838173.

*Registrations of pick-ups, which neared the 50,000 mark in 2016, are already 19%, or 3,556 units, ahead year-on-year in the five months to May 31, to total 22,234 – SMMT