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Citroen Relay Van Review

5 Stars (63 Reviews)
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Latest Reviews

  • Phillip Jones - 01/02/2020

    Great van - my next one will be the same again

    5 Stars
  • Graeme Riches - 28/01/2020

    Excellent. Cant comment on such things as reliability yet but everything is fine.

    5 Stars
  • Duncan Worthington - 18/12/2019

    Good van, plenty of room in the back. Lacking cup holders in the cab compared to the boxer.

    4 Stars
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Our Review

The Citroen Relay 35 L3 is a van that packs a 2.2 HDi engine and a 120 bhp. Though there are Relays with lower break horse power and give an impressive performance, the extra 20 bhp can make all the difference especially when the van's 1525 Kg payload is full to capacity.

Citroen have given the Relay 35 L3 gear ratios that can cope with steep inclines and heavy loads without loosing too much power. Impressively, the van provides 184lb/ft maximum torque between rev ranges of 1500 rpm to 2800 rpm.

To this end, power and strength seems to be what this model from Citroen is all about. Unlike Citroen's vans which have slightly less payload and are geared around making use of a good compact size and easy access, the Citroen Relay is takes on more of a workhorse ethic. It is hard to envision the Citroen Relay being unable to handle regular use travelling distance at full capacity. Its mpg is 32.1 and thanks to the traction and gumption available in low revs, it can easily chop through the work.

Loading space has been well thought out in the Relay, as wheel arches make minimal intrusion leaving as much of the loading bay as free as possible for the load. For a van of its class the loading height comes in at 560mm which is impressively low. Turning circles on the Citroen Relay is impressive for a van of its size, so manoeuvring into tight spaces should not pose a problem for most drivers.

Engine noise can be a significant factor for this type of van. Again the Relay 35 L3 keeps the standard high by keeping the engine noise to a minimum. The loading bay however can be a little creaky when the driver bulkhead is missing. Either way, the stereo which comes as standard will drown out most of the noise if needed.

The cabin design is arguably not as good as some of its rivals such as the Sprinter or the Crafter, but many feel it is slightly more user friendly given the amount of storage space for paperwork and other essential items many drivers need to hand. As standard, the Citroen Relay comes equipped with over speed warnings, automatic headlamps and wipers, Trafficmaster satellite navigation, and vehicle tracking. There are also numerous upgrades available such as speed limiters, subscription to speed camera updates, Bluetooth connectivity, climate control, and reversing cameras.

The Citroen Relay 35 L3 Diesel is takes a workhorse approach, and is suited to transporting capacity payloads over distance, a task which it performs well.

Citroen Relay Van Review is brought to you by our motoring professionals at Vanarama.

Customer reviews

Below are our customer reviews for the Citroen Relay. Want to have your say? Leave a review for the Citroen Relay now.

  • December 09 2019

    It’s a good van

  • November 26 2019

    Good choice of vehicle, plenty of room. Great for transporting pallets too.

  • September 18 2019

    Does what it say on the tin!

  • Citroen Citroen Relay
    August 27 2019

    so far so good

  • Citroen Citroen Relay
    August 02 2019

    It's a good truck

  • August 02 2019

    We have 7 vw transporters. Disappointed in the finish of certain parts in cab.. some items look to be not installed correctly

  • Citroen Citroen Relay
    May 10 2019

    it works for us

  • Citroen Citroen Relay
    April 30 2019

    I lovely comfortable and spacious than I’ve previously had one before so I’m very happy

  • April 30 2019

    Good work van

  • April 26 2019

    Good all round vehicle

  • April 18 2019

    Very impressive vehicle. Big load space. Perfect for my line of business.

  • August 31 2018


  • August 23 2018

    We have a number of these now and very pleased!

  • May 03 2018

    Lovely van.

  • Citroen Citroen Relay
    March 15 2018

    good size gets the job done

  • February 08 2018

    Good solid workhorse and early indications confirm I made correct choice

  • February 01 2018

    Perfect for what we needed, great value for money

  • January 15 2018

    Great value for money.

  • December 27 2017

    We had an initial gearbox issue within the first two weeks of the lease starting.

  • December 06 2017

    Slightly worried about the length of the contract in terms of whether the van will be reliable enough to see out the term.

  • November 13 2017

    I can stand up in the back. I'm 6'3" and I don't need to bend. It's brilliant. Starts all the time. It's a van and it does what it says on the tin. I would have another in a heartbeat. It has all the gadgets I need in particular the phone connection and the air con. Yes I live in Cumbria but it still gets warm up here.

  • Citroen Citroen Relay
    July 06 2017

    Love it!

  • April 21 2017

    Good for plumbing.

  • April 20 2017

    Over the moon with van. Wish I had changed before it is so good runs very well I am so pleased with it a pleasure to do long journeys in I could not ask any more of it. Would recommend it all day long.

  • December 30 2016

    Excellent Van.

  • December 01 2016

    Superb especially the extra height which makes such a difference to the work we do it is a life saver. The load capacity is brilliant and I would never go back to ford. The value for money makes such a difference compared to ford and Mercedes.

  • Citroen Citroen Relay
    September 28 2016

    Nice van, plenty of space and good spec. Plenty of power with reasonable economy. A bit flimsy in places, but it is a Citroen and not in the same price bracket as the German vans, so this was expected.

  • August 25 2016

    All you need.

  • Citroen Citroen Relay
    July 20 2016

    For a van I thought the amount of extras was outstanding, better than most cars.

  • June 07 2016

    Good reliable van, had a problem with soft hinges but I got this fixed with Citreon.

  • May 16 2016

    Early days yet but it seems like a nice van.

  • March 22 2016

    Fit for purpose!

  • February 29 2016

    Great van, almost free motoring at Vanarama prices.

  • Citroen Citroen Relay
    February 17 2016

    We had a Ford before which was a lot more money. It's only early days yet but so far so good and you do get a much better spec for your money. Our driver says he loves it. Regards, Martin.

  • January 15 2016

    Very nice van to drive the lights in the rear aren't great only stay on for a few minutes then go off and if you press the unlock button they only come back on for a few seconds so a pain this time of the year the load length isn't what I told it says it's a 4.07m load length true but the usable length is more like 3.96m but I can still fit my carpets in

  • Citroen Citroen Relay
    November 27 2015

    Comfortable great load space drives well. Alll round I'm very happy.

  • November 20 2015

    The relay is a very good value for money van which is ideal for the work I do in it which is parcel delivery.

  • November 12 2015

    A good sized practical van. Reasonably fitted out although in-built satnav would have been preferred. Only done 1200 miles but first impressions are very positive.

  • October 19 2015

    The satnav could of been built into the touch screen radio control as well as the reversing camera.

  • Citroen Citroen Relay
    September 29 2015

    Really good value for money , it meets my every need and accommodates my load with space to spare

  • June 15 2015

    All round excellent.

  • June 04 2015

    Excellent vehicle providing good head room when organising and stacking tools and equipment. It accommodates sheets of plasterboard and boxes of beads etc required for my business.

  • May 26 2015

    Love it.

  • March 06 2015

    Just received it today. Very happy with it.

  • Citroen Citroen Relay
    February 06 2015

    Very nice

  • January 29 2015

    I've given 4 stars to all the questions as I've only recieved the van today. First impressions are great.

  • January 29 2015

    A well priced work vehicle that looks good. It drives well and cab finish and spec is extremely good.

  • Citroen Citroen Relay
    January 19 2015

    Early days, but it seems to do what we expected and what we want.

  • November 04 2014

    I will have a more precise opinion in later months of the vehicle, but in the last few days I am really happy. French styling powered by Ford which in my eyes is a positive.

  • October 15 2014

    Much nicer than my old Sprinter.

  • September 11 2014

    Very happy.

  • August 26 2014

    The van is great value for money.

  • Citroen Citroen Relay
    August 18 2014

    Too early to tell (maybe ask me in 3 months).

  • May 22 2014

    Excellent for the load capacity we require.

  • May 13 2014

    Excellent overall quality. Perfect for my needs as a courier.

  • May 08 2014

    Nice all round working van . nothing too fancy but still offers an element of luxury that makes the driving experience very pleasant

  • April 16 2014


  • March 07 2014

    The van is perfect for my needs as a van courier. Overall I feel I have got a good deal from Vanarama.

  • August 28 2013

    Great van very good driving experience great turning circle cavernous interior really good features can recommend to anybody . Gears and gear change a little difficult at first due mainly to the bias to the lower range when changing gear

  • Citroen Citroen Relay
    June 11 2013

    For the price we got the van, at the moment I can't fault it, first impressions are very good.

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