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Fiat Doblo Van Review

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Expert Review

The Fiat Doblo 1.3 Multijet builds on the success from its critically acclaimed predecessor. To begin, they have made this Doblo a little bigger by making it 91mm longer and 6mm wider than the original Doblo. It is also 10mm lower which makes it easier to load. The little extra on the width and height ensure that the van has given the Fiat Doblo a load capacity of 3.2m cubed, and a payload of 730kg. Access is good via rear hinged doors which allow the driver to make use of the extra load space for this class of van. Driver protection comes in the form of a ladder frame.

In many respects the Fiat Doblo is a better option than either the Citroen Berlingo or the Renault Kangoo.

The Multijet engine gives 75bhp at 4000 revs which translates to a torque of 140lb/ft at a rev count of 1750rpm. The Fiat Doblo also provides a fuel consumption of around 50mpg. For a 1.3 the Fiat Doblo feels faster to drive on many levels, and its 10.5m turning circle, makes it highly competent at negotiating busy city streets.

The original Fiat Doblo never really earned the recognition it deserved due to its unsightly appearance, despite rave reviews about its capabilities. The most memorable aspect of the van was its somewhat ugly front end, and sadly, this is what the drive was ultimately left with.

Fiat has addressed this issue in the new Fiat Doblo, and though it still looks a little out of place, it does not impact on the senses like its predecessor.

The cab of the Fiat Doblo is a nicely laid out affair with a good seating position for the driver. The doors have deep storage pockets and there is an added bonus of top shelf storage which comes in useful for paperwork and related delivery equipment. The dashboard mounted gear stick is always a good touch in a van, as it allows the driver to slide out of the passenger door if needed. On this occasion space is arguably a little tight than for the less agile of drivers.

The Fiat Doblo's design has allowed the driver to carry a bulkier payload at a good pace. It is fast, manoeuvrable and thanks to the redesigned front end, a lot better to look at than its predecessor. The Fiat Doblo has all the qualities to become a leader in its class.

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