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Peugeot Boxer Van Review

5 Stars (87 Reviews)
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Latest Reviews

  • Iraj Saedi - 02/08/2019

    very good van

    5 Stars
  • Chris Gunby - 12/07/2019

    We love it hence a repeat order

    5 Stars
  • Ryan Hopley - 13/02/2019

    very good for what we require in electrical wholesale at rmo

    5 Stars
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  • Handling: STARS
  • Comfort: STARS
  • Quality: STARS
  • Reliability: STARS
  • Performance: STARS
  • Practicality: STARS
  • Running Costs: STARS
  • Value for Money: STARS

Our Review

Though Peugeot are not known for their workhorse approach to the commercial van market, the Peugeot Boxer 330 L1 will receive no complaints from drivers that want this approach in their van. The Boxer has got a good carrying capacity and loading features, which makes it a dedicated vehicle to its tasks.

The Peugeot Boxer can shift its 1155Kg payload very smartly thanks to its 250Nm of torque at 1500rpm. Not only does this provide the pulling power to shift the Peugeot Boxer away from a stationary position, it makes it a good cargo carrier on the motorway. Not to mention the contribution this power makes to keep the fuel consumption to over 30 miles per gallon at 35.8 mpg. The 2.2 HDi engine is well made and well designed, and unlike many commercial vans of this size it is not too noisy.

The Peugeot Boxer utilises spring leaf suspension which provides a low loading height of 535mm and good load dimensions. Load length is 2670mm, load height is 1662mm, and a width of 1870 narrowing to 1422 between wheel arches. The rear doors assist access greatly by opening a full 180 degrees, together with a nicely located side door. The van has also been designed with McPherson strut suspension and an anti-roll bar which enhances road handling.

The Peugeot Boxer subsequently offers drivers sharper steering for a van of its size, and the dashboard mounted gear stick sets the driving experience up nicely. The Peugeot Boxer is a highly pleasurable van to pilot around town as well as being a good stable runner on the longer motorway trip.

The Peugeot Boxer provides plenty of storage options in the front for the driver, and the dashboard mounted gear stick means sliding across to exit from the passenger door is easy to do if required. A basic but adequate CD stereo system comes as standard and is controllable from the steering column. The seat belts are height adjustable and a driver's side airbag is fitted.

The breaking system comes with ABS, EBA, and EBD as standard, providing more control to the driver, which is arguably the best way to avoid accidents and running up associated repair and insurance costs.

The Peugeot Boxer is a very accomplished van, with intelligent thought out design which appears to have been designed around the driver and the payload.

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Customer reviews

Below are our customer reviews for the Peugeot Boxer. Want to have your say? Leave a review for the Peugeot Boxer now.

  • February 01 2019

    Big load space made to work not to be a show van

  • January 30 2019

    Decent van for the money

  • Peugeot Peugeot Boxer
    January 17 2019

    good vehicle and reliable

  • Peugeot Peugeot Boxer
    January 10 2019

    So far, so good!! As I have only had it for a few weeks, some of which were the Christmas period, then I can't really rate all these categories yet.

  • November 06 2018

    A real pleasure to drive but don't take it to a supermarket as their spaces don't cater for us van drivers !

  • Peugeot Peugeot Boxer
    October 30 2018


  • Peugeot Peugeot Boxer
    October 22 2018

    Ideal for what the business needed

  • October 09 2018


  • October 03 2018

    great van. Uses more fuel than I expected but not a major issue. Very happy overall

  • Peugeot Peugeot Boxer
    October 03 2018


  • October 02 2018

    Was recommended this van and it didn't disappoint. Reliable, economical and perfect for daily work.

  • October 02 2018

    Good practical cheap van! Has aircon so really happy with that!

  • August 23 2018

    Great van

  • August 15 2018

    great van, nice specification, runs well, reliable which is necessary for me and has all the space I need for my work.

  • August 06 2018

    Overall it’s a very nice van would have liked a proper locking glovebox instead of open trays on the passenger side not vanaramas fault just the way the manufacturer makes them . But overall it’s a nice drive no road noise their is a lot of extras The only thing I would get on my next van would be a reverse camera because the van is almost a meter longer than my last van but their is reverse sensors on the back so you do get used to it .

  • July 19 2018

    So far so good very pleased

  • July 17 2018

    Great van

  • June 12 2018


  • April 26 2018

    As this is the second Peugeot Boxer van we have we had no problem in adding another to our fleet.

  • Peugeot Peugeot Boxer
    April 03 2018


  • April 01 2018

    It’s good

  • March 14 2018

    I have only given this vehicle a quick test drive personally but it was good and feedback from drivers is positive.

  • Peugeot Peugeot Boxer
    March 06 2018

    Good all round van with plenty of extras Received in bad weather , heater takes forever to warm up !

  • Peugeot Peugeot Boxer
    January 31 2018

    Drives nicely , a bit boring , very flat power delivery . Everything does its job , good on fuel

  • January 18 2018

    Bit too early to say, but above based on Citroen Relays we had and just returned for the Boxers.

  • December 08 2017

    Good and reliable vehicle.

  • December 06 2017

    Well it managed 1731 miles before it's first major breakdown now back with Peugeot how advise me if it need part there on back order and they current have vans that have been waiting on part for 3 week of and no replacement van during repairs.

  • November 30 2017

    Meets our needs.

  • August 31 2017

    I know we have three Peugeots in our fleet. If all goes well, should be getting a fourth in the near future. I was skeptical at first as I've always had a Ford Transit or Mercedes Sprinter. But I would have to say the Peugeot Boxer is far superior to the Ford and the Mercedes. 1 carries more weight 2 more miles PL 3 more space between wheel arches - better for pallets. 4 comfort of the drive is also better than the other two.

  • August 31 2017

    This is my second van of this type its great.

  • August 15 2017

    Impressed and happy with the delivery, very professional.

  • August 14 2017

    First class.

  • July 19 2017

    At early stage but seems a decent work horse and economical. It's also comfy to drive.

  • July 18 2017

    A decent van for an affordable price.

  • July 10 2017

    Great van!

  • May 30 2017


  • May 19 2017

    The right vehicle for what we need.

  • Peugeot Peugeot Boxer
    April 26 2017

    Nice to drive. Very comfortable, plenty of room in the back.

  • April 24 2017

    So far it's met all my requirements.

  • April 21 2017

    Slightly underpowered but may get better when run in.

  • March 21 2017

    Van very good value for money Load space on LWB is excellent. Sat nav/air con added bonus. Drives like a car would highly recommend.

  • Peugeot Peugeot Boxer
    March 02 2017

    Best deal.

  • February 21 2017

    Good van. Great value! Great spec.

  • January 31 2017

    Brilliant vehicle. Meets all my needs with both reliability and capacity. I'm able to both carry my tools comfortably and still have space for material if the need arises. It is also very comfortable to drive and economical.

  • Peugeot Peugeot Boxer
    January 24 2017

    Great all round van, I have recommended to two other colleagues.

  • January 24 2017

    The van is just what I was after for my building company and has so far become a daily asset while carrying out are day to day business.

  • November 28 2016

    I got a Citroen relay!

  • November 15 2016

    Very nice van! Everything and more we need.

  • Peugeot Peugeot Boxer
    November 10 2016

    Does what we need it to do. Reliable and good value for money.

  • November 08 2016

    Some of the questions above are not relevant, like running costs and reliability, we have only just got it!

  • October 13 2016

    Very spacious, well equipped, slightly slower than previous van but as its larger it was to be expected.

  • October 11 2016

    Overall and a nice van and lot cheaper.

  • September 28 2016

    Excellent van.

  • Peugeot Peugeot Boxer
    August 23 2016

    Excellent van, so much more space.

  • August 16 2016

    I really rate the van, although I've only been driving it for only a couple of weeks. Any problems raised in other reviews (too few cup holders, handbrake in way, visibility of speedometer, etc) I disagree with.

  • July 18 2016

    Very nice, satisfied with the vehicle.

  • June 29 2016

    Very pleased with the van and a lot bigger than I expected it to be.

  • June 22 2016

    A great van, except for the fact that the handbrake is on the right hand side.

  • June 13 2016

    Exactly what I needed. Fits my demands.

  • June 13 2016

    Only had it for a week but so far a really great van for the money and well equipped.

  • June 07 2016

    I haven't done many miles yet but I'm very impressed with the Boxer so far, very easy to drive, comfortable, great spec with air-con, cruise control etc. Looks like it will be an economical van to run and looks smart. Very pleased so far.

  • June 06 2016

    Excellent van and ideal for my purpose.

  • June 06 2016

    Really nice van to drive and so practical for my job.

  • May 24 2016

    Great van at a great price.

  • May 19 2016

    Beautiful van, just what I wanted.

  • May 17 2016

    I've only had the vehicle for just over one week and used it infrequently due to circumstances, but initial thoughts are impressive with the only down side at present being the location of the hand break (at the right) which I'm sure I will get used to. Overall it appears good value for money and a big increase in size compared to similar prices for a Vauxhall Vivaro.

  • May 17 2016

    I used to have Renault Master and decided on this van because it had more comprehensive specs in the cab for a cheaper price. So far all seems good and I have to say that I'm happy with everything so far.

  • May 10 2016

    I've been running it 4 weeks, it seems noisy on start up but after a minute or so it's ok. Initially I found the viewing of the speedometer impossible, you have to lean slightly to the right to see it so this has now become my driving position. The plastic flap under the steering column can sometimes be caught by your feet when operating the pedals and I feel like I'm missing something with only 1 drinks holder. Overall even with these findings I would order the van again, the space in the back is awesome, I really do like it.

  • Peugeot Peugeot Boxer
    May 03 2016

    I've only done 800 miles but its proving very good so far.

  • April 28 2016

    The van is good.

  • April 26 2016

    My new van has given me the extra room I so badly needed. Having a built-in SatNav as well as Bluetooth has been very handy as my phone rings non-stop. I also had the pleasure of dealing with John Molloy, who organised the process of getting my new van.

  • April 15 2016

    We are using the van to move furniture, house clearances, car boots etc. and it is ideal for these jobs. Thank you for giving us a great deal.

  • Peugeot Peugeot Boxer
    April 15 2016

    It's very practical and a joy to drive. The power steering makes it so easy to manoeuvre it's almost like driving a cloud, also the parking sensors are an added bonus in a van as you know how close you are to an obstacle behind. The space in the back is brilliant, as a plumber it's handy for me as I can fit full length pipes in the back. I've also been able to fit 4.4 meter lengths of wood in as it's got an over head bulk. All in all I think it's a great van.

  • April 15 2016

    I'm a plasterer so the van is ideal for 8x4 plaster boards plus it has loads of room for all the other kit and material we carry. Good bulk head for power tools and screws etc. You won't win a races with it, It's steady to drive. A great tool. Loads of cab bits I didn't expect too including a USB port, hands free, Sat-Nav, aircon, speed camera aware and rear parking sensors. The seats are comfy too. Overall a really good price for a really good van.

  • April 15 2016

    So far it seems all good, it has all the gadgets and extra's in the cab. It seems to have enough power even with a bit of weight in it.

  • March 08 2016

    It seems good so far.

  • January 05 2016

    Used the van for two weeks and very good so far.

  • November 19 2015

    For a professional model I would expect more, fog lights, heated seats etc.

  • Peugeot Peugeot Boxer
    March 27 2015

    Great van, very well specified.

  • February 09 2015

    The van is a good size. Takes an 8x4 comfortably, and anything 3.6m long. It drives superb, Well balanced, all mod cons with blue tooth, sat nav, cruise control etc.

  • Peugeot Peugeot Boxer
    December 08 2014

    Only received today but so far no problems, fit for our purpose.

  • November 04 2014

    So far so good. It's nice to drive and loading space is better than our transits.

  • July 25 2014

    Haven't driven it yet

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