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Volkswagen Amarok Lease Deals

The Volkswagen Amarok is a popular pickup truck with tradesmen to lease. From Highline to Trendline models, the Amarok is best known for its easily adaptable mobility & its huge trailer load capacity.

Volkswagen Amarok Specifications & Dimensions

The Volkswagen Amarok offers a diverse range of specifications, each designed to present the perfect pick-up.

  • Different models (Trendline or Highline)

  • 1154kg maximum payload

  • 3 litre TDI engine

  • Standard rear-wheel drive/two 4MOTION all-wheel drive

  • BlueMotion Technology

All Volkswagen Amarok models have a towing capacity of 3.1 tonnes, which can be effortlessly pulled by its most popular engine which revs to an impressive 201 BHP.


VW Amarok Drive & Trim

If you want a pick-up with a trim to treat you then pick the Volkswagen Amarok. Normally, pick-ups don’t fuss over the interior & often the look is mediocre, but not for the Amarok.

The entry-level interior trim kits you out with the typical tech: Bluetooth, DAB radio & climate control. But all features are planted in a palatable chrome detailing, making it much more pleasing on the eye. Other features like parking sensors & a sat-nav system can be added as extras.


Fuel Economy & Emissions

The Volkswagen Amarok 3 litre engine with 201 BHP is the most efficient in its range. Against other contenders it has estimated emissions of 212g/km produced from its economical 34.9mpg.


VW Amarok Finance

Placed against its pick-up rivals, the Volkswagen Amarok presents the best residual values. The residual value of a vehicle is the estimated price that it will be worth at the end of a lease deal. This means that leasing will be the most cost-effective way of financing the pick-up.

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