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Audi Q5 Car Leasing

Why Lease the Audi Q5?

Audi Q5

Released 3 years after Audi's first entry into the luxury crossover vehicle market, the Q5 emerged to appeal to those buyers seeking a more compact, affordable model.

The Q5 first popped up in 2009 and, in the span of just a decade, has gone from an unassuming crossover to Audi's biggest selling car. The newest & only overhaul so far, which was introduced in 2019, has continued the Q5's upward trajectory & remains one of the best in a competitive segment.


Models Available

Audi's understated Q5 continues its subtle conquest of the premium mid-sized SUV sector with just a single bodystyle available. Its cabin boasts impeccable build quality & upscale features, but unfortunately, its passenger space & cargo capacity aren’t particularly going to land it top marks in its class. If you’re a family looking for an SUV of this size, you may be tempted to look elsewhere in the class.



Audi’s competitors are sharpening their small luxury crossover knives. BMW's X3 & Mercedes-Benz's GLC offer similar levels of refinement yet more luggage space. The Q5 also comes up short on powertrain upgrades with only a four-cylinder engine offered. Audi’s answer to that would be that you can get the related SQ5 if you want more performance, but of course, you’re talking more money. Overall, however, the standard Q5 offers a pleasing balance of luxury & comfort.

It's certainly a strong choice in the class, but it also has a higher starting price than many rivals do, so you may be able to find something else that offers more bang for your buck. If you can stretch your monthly budget a bit, the Mercedes-Benz GLC & BMW X3 are definitely worth considering.


From The Manufacturer

“The first Audi Q5 was for many years the world's best-selling SUV in its class. It was no easy task to design its successor, but that is precisely why it is so very exciting. With the new Q5 we are setting the bar a notch higher. Among the great innovations are the quattro drive system with ultra technology, highly efficient engines, the air suspension with damper control & a comprehensive line-up of infotainment & assistance systems.”