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Which Electric Car Has The Longest Range?

Gone are the days when an electric car would struggle to get 100 miles of range from a charge. As battery technology has improved – and the cost of manufacturing batteries has fallen – car makers have been able to squeeze more and more range from the rows and rows of lithium-ion cells that push your EV down the road.

Increasingly, manufacturers are talking about cars with single-charge range well in excess of 250 miles. And some – often that chap Mr Musk from Tesla – are beginning to make noises about cars that will come to market over the next couple of years with a range in excess of 600 miles.

Whether that is achievable is for Elon and his engineers to prove, but until then you can cast your eye over an increasingly wide and interesting offering of electric cars that could effortlessly take you all the way from London to Newcastle on a single charge.

And don’t think long range is the preserve of the poshest executive saloon or the biggest SUVs. What makes the list of EVs with the longest range so intriguing is that there is a whole mix of model types and prices to suit every potential owner.

From the ideal family car – in both hatchback and crossover guise – to bold SUVs and serious sportscars, the choice of 280+ mile range electric cars has never been better

Top 10 Of Our Electric Cars With The Longest Range (According To WLTP testing):

1.     Tesla Model S Long Range – 398 miles

2.     Ford Mustang Mach E Extended Range – 379 miles

3.     Tesla Model X Long Range – 371 miles

4.     Tesla Model 3 Long Range – 360 miles

5.     VW ID.3 Pro S – 336 miles

6.     Skoda Enyak iV 80 – 333 miles

7.     VW ID.4 – 323 miles

8.     Hyundai Kona Electric – 300 miles

9.     Polestar 2 – 292 miles

10.     Jaguar I-Pace – 292 miles

What Is WLTP?

The range of an electric car will most likely be quoted as distance in miles followed by four mysterious letters: WLTP.

In short it’s the test set out by European regulators to work out the fuel efficiency of a car that manufacturers selling here have to abide by. It stands for World harmonised Light-duty Vehicle Test Procedure. We’ll stick with WLTP…

The WLTP test was introduced in 2017 with a simple ambition: to make car fuel efficiency and range estimates more accurate and more representative of real-world driving.

The test forces manufacturers to carry out a number of more intensive and realistic processes which means they can provide you with estimates of range and battery use that are closer to the performance you might find on the roads of Britain.

Compared to the old NEDC test that had been around since the 1990s, the WLTP tests cars:

1. At a higher maximum speed to mimic motorway and dual carriageway driving

2. Over longer test routes to give more data

3. With a better balance between urban and non-urban driving

4. At temperatures closer to European averages which gives more realistic battery performance

5. With more dynamic acceleration and braking, which can both affect your battery consumption.

But even with a more accurate estimate of range via WLTP, it is important to note that it is just an estimate. Since the test began engineers and consumer groups have tried to compare it with ‘real world’ driving data to see how much variation there is.

Currently, the evidence shows that while WLTP tests are closer to what you will experience as an electric car driver there is still a gap between quoted WLTP figures and the range people can get during what you might consider normal, day-to-day use.

‘Real world’ tests and range estimates are now appearing online at websites like ev-database.org where they provide estimated ranges of every car on sale today but factor in different weather and route conditions to produce bands of potential range performance.

If you’re interested in leasing some of the longest-range electric cars available right now then head to our Electric Car Leasing section where you will find great deals on all the cars listed in our top 10.

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